You are God from beginning to the end
There is no Place for argument
You are God all by yourself.
Our Most High God who is God all by Himself: the God that needs no man to be called God; the One all leans on and yet He leans on nothing; the One who is marvelous in all His ways. We exalt you this hour, we worship you. No one can do all the things that you do for us. For everything that you have done we come to give you all the Glory. Please accept our thanks in Jesus Name.
Oh Lord and our God, before your Presence we stand to feed from your Words; we ask that please teach us from your Words in the Name of Jesus. Lord open our eyes of understanding to be Holy and see the things that you want us to see. And let your Name alone be Glorified.
Thank you Father because we know today that to your level of understanding; you will teach us your Words and may your Name and your Name alone be Glorified in Jesus Name.
… In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen.
Can you please help me turn to your neighbour by your side and said neighbour according to God’s Words for this Season; I will Swim in Glory (Amen).
I want to appreciate my own Pastor; our person of Daddy GO for the privilege he has given to me to Minister God’s Words. I pray that the Lord God will bless Him in the Name of Jesus and the Lord will enlarge Him in the Name of Jesus.
I also want to celebrate all the other Ministers of God in Jesus Name – Amen.
Today, our topic will be: Swimming in God’s Glory – Part 2.
12. And Moses said unto the LORD, see thou sayest unto me, bring up this people and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said, I know thee by name and thou hast also found Grace in my sight.
13. Now therefore, I pray thee if I have found Grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way that I may know thee, that I may find Grace in thy sight and consider that this Nation is thy people.
14. And he said, My Presence shall go with thee and I will give thee rest.
15. And he said unto Him, if thy Presence go not with me, carry us not up hence.
16. For wherein shall it be known here that I and thy people have found Grace in thy sight? Is it not in that thou goest with us? So shall we be separated, I and thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth.
17. And the Lord said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast spoken: for thou hast found Grace in my sight and I know thee by name.
18. And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy Glory.
19. And he said, I will make all my Goodness pass before thee and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.
Moses we know in the Scriptures was a man who has seen and encounter God in different ways.
Remember clearly that in various places the Bible said and that Moses encountered God in the bush – there was an encounter. Moses was also a man whom God has used in different means. Somewhere in the Bible; the Bible recorded that the rod that was in his hands that he transformed it to snake and that his snake was able to swallow all. But Moses was still at this point saying God I want to see your Glory.
Can I say this that no matter any level of height a man finds himself; there is something ahead of him.
I pray for you today that you will swim in God’s Glory which is ahead of you in the Name of Jesus.
The Glory of God is still embedded in Him and in His Goodness. The Glory of God is still embedded in His essence and who He is made of.
What does it means to Swim?
To Swim simply means to make a “Movement Progressively”.
There is a step up and there is a step ahead.
And what does it means to Swim when you Swim with your hands and your legs (Amen).
The following are the Points to note about Swimming in God’s Glory:
1. That there are people who are qualified.
Those who are qualified to Swim in God’s Glory are those who are willing to come after and to deny themselves.
Luke 9:33 says that if any man will come after me, if any man will Swim in my Glory; let him first of all be willing and to deny himself.
We all know that it is very easy to be willing to do something but there is a place of denial, a place of sacrifice (Amen).
2. Also another thing you need to note about Swimming in God’s Glory is that it is a daily affair.
Remembered that we say that Swimming is about movements (a Progressive Movement). And so if you must Swim in God’s Glory; it must be a daily affair.
Luke 9: 33(b) says that if any man will follow me; he should first deny himself, pick up his Cross and follow Him daily. The picking of Gid’s Cross is a daily affair (Amen).
3. Swimming in God’s Glory also cuts across every area of your life.
Please help me tell your neighbour that neighbour please be a balanced Christian (Amen).
4. Your offices, business or career; it is also a place to show forth God’s Glory.
Somewhere there in Isaiah 43:31; the Bible says that He has formed us to shine forth His Goodness, Glory and Praise. So everything about us is a Pulpit to show forth God’s Glory (Amen).
5. We must also take note that when a man is wet or when a man is soaked, you can always say from afar that this man is wet.
When a man is also Swimming in God’s Glory, you can also tell all around him that he is also Swimming in God’s Glory.
Somewhere in Isaiah 43; the Bible says that we have been formed to show forth God’s Glory.
1 Peter 2:9 says that you are a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, an Holy Nation who has been brought out of darkness to show firth His marvelous light (Amen).
Somewhere too in Matthew 5: 14-16; the Bible says that you are the Light of the world. You are the Light that has been placed on a City. You are on a Hill and anyone around you can always see you. It went ahead to tell us in Verse 15. It says: Let your Light so Shine forth (another progression) that men may see your “Good Works” (not just one) and  will Glory your Father which is in Heaven.
So if you must Swim in God’s Glory, everything around you will show it to everybody around you to see it.
… May the Lord help us to show forth His Glory wherever we find ourselves in Jesus Name.
6. Also you must note that in every assignment and vision that you should Swim in God’s Glory.
It is very easy for a man to be willing and then there are sacrifice for you to pay when it comes to your vision and assignment. Just that when it comes to drilling in different aspect we have different quantity and quality of water. And what determines the different aquifer is the depth you are willing to drill to.
I pray that the Grace to drill on so that our vision and assignment will be acknowledged will be given to us in Jesus Name (Amen).
Habakkuk 2: 2-3 says that we should wait for the vision. It might look as if it is not coming forth but we should tarry – wait for it as it will surely come and speak at the end.
May the Lord help us in the Name of Jesus (Amen).
For us to Swim in God’s Glory all our lives, there is a way to it. In Exodus 40:38; the Bible says that for the cloud of the Lord was upon the Tabernacle by the day and the Fire by the night in the sight of the children of Israel throughout their journey.
You can actually experienced Swimming in God’s Glory throughout your journey if only you are willing to follow the way. Remember the Prayer that Moses prayed. He says God if I found favour in your sight, he says show me now your way.
1. One way you need to Swim and to be in continuous Swimming in God’s Glory is that you need to be Intentional.
Can you tell your neighbour – neighbour self denial is what brings you to the place of your Intentionality.
As a Youth, you need to be Intentional. Daniel 1:8; the Bible says that Daniel said to himself that inspite of the gifts they are giving to them and every of the meat that is available to them in the course of their training; Daniel said: I will not defy myself with the portion of the King’s meat.
Can I tell you that as a Christian, there is always a portion of the King’s meat that you will always be fighting yourself to deny yourself.
She quickly narrated a story of how one of the biggest Contractor in the company she went for her IT training tried to seduce her and promised to satisfy all her needs – and he is a married man with two (2) kids. When she got back home, she thought over it (it looks promising though) – as she will be getting extras to whatever she is doing and it will serve as a source of funds for her Project as a Final Year going back to school. Recalling also that same time was when her mum lost her job. But she came to her senses that all the advances the man was making was beyond the job. Then something struck her mind that: Oh you want to eat a married man’s money. So she said No, if you eat his money and you get married, what will  be your own point to hand on to. Then she resolved within herself never to have anything to do with a married man.
So you must be Intentional.
We also know about Joseph. Joseph had issues with his brothers, got to a place where he was head of the slaves in Portiphar’s house. The Bible says that Portiphar wife casted her eyes on him and desires him. But one of the prayers that Joseph said was that: How can I do this wicked thing before God.
Until you are able to name those things then you have not come to the place of Intentionality (Amen).
Also one of the stories Mummy GO shared during the Convention. She said that there is no great child anywhere. It has only taken women or mothers who has been able to invest in that child.
So we must be Intentional in Training our children.
The story of Samson’s mother touched me so much each time I look at it. The Bible says that even after the Angel of the Lord told her various things about the things she should do away with; she still did not watch over it even when the son brought something to the house which was not supposed to be. She still allowed him and never asked him where did these things come from.
… We must be very Intentional (Amen).
2. Also a way to it is that to Swim in God’s Glory; you must listen and obey God’s instructions.
Whatever things that will keep you moving and increasing is in your willingness to obey God’s instructions.
Proverbs 1:8 says my son, hear the instructions of your father and forsake not the laws of your mother.
Proverbs 4:13 says take ye hold to instructions and let her keep you. For in instructions, there is life.
Can you tell your neighbour that neighbour in instructions there is life (Amen).
Proverbs 15:33 says the fear of the Lord is the instruction of Wisdom.
Proverbs 19:20 says hear Counsel and receive instructions that thou mayest be wise in thy old age.
May the Lord help us to listen and adhere to instructions in the Name of Jesus.
3. Another way to it is that you must drop every weights.
Any man who will go for a race or any man who will go Swimming must let go of some things. He must be willing to let go of some things.
The Bible says in Hebrew 12: 1-2 that wherefore we can see that everything around us seems to be giving us headaches/issues but I beseech you that you let go of all these things – drop the weights and sins that easily besets us.
May the Lord deliver us from such sins in the Name of Jesus.
Benefits of Swimming on God’s Glory.
I will just tag that in 3 P’s:
1. You will enjoy God’s Presence.
You remembered Moses? Moses said that Lord how do I know that you are with me?
He said my Presence will be with you.
The Presence of God is all you need concerning any issue or matter. All you need is God’s Presence (Amen).
2. You will experience His Present and Promises.
There are Promises that God has told us. The Bible says somewhere that the eyes of the Lord is upon the righteous.
So He is willing to hear us (Amen).
The Bible said God told Moses in the Bible Text that we read (Exodus 33: 12-19); His Goodness will pass before him. That is you will enjoy my Goodness (Amen).
3. You will enjoy God’s Preference – just like Joseph after he has survived the place of Portiphar’s wife and gotten to prison. The Bible is always saying that God was with him.
So after he interpreted the dreams of the King’s servant and there was another dream in the Palace, they were able to remember that there was a man who interprets dream and that he should be able to interpret the dream again for the King.
When you walk with God and you Swim in Glory; you will become a Preference to people.
And also there are damns for those who will not not Swim in God’s Glory. And that is the thing God hates most – He does not want us to perish.
The Bible says run to Him and that He is able to carry the burden. Forget about the sins, forget about the King’s meat that can deny you from Swimming in God’s Glory.
It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing it, it doesn’t matter how long you have been; it is how far you last in it.
Even as our daddy will be coming up later this hour and he will be making the Altar Call; please our Lord God will be opening the door to Salvation – Please run into it.
And I pray that our Lord who is Mighty to save and deliver will keep us to the end (Amen).
You are God from beginning to the end
There is no place for argument
You are God all by yourself.
Our Most High Heavenly Father before you we commit the Words and all that we have heard. We prey Lord that there is a Place of Denial. We only ask that the Grace to deny ourselves oh God and to pick up our Cross daily and follow you Baba (Father) release unto us in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Our Lord and God, you who is saying to us in this Season “Swimming in God’s Glory”; it therefore means that there is possibility to Swim in the God’s Glory even to the end.
We prey and ask Spirit of the Most High God that the Grace to continually Swim in your Glory for every stage, position and level of our life, Baba (Father) we ask give into us in the Name of Jesus.
Let your Name alone be Glorified. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed (Amen).
… And let us shout a Living Amen – AMEN!!!
Thank you for staying all through to read.
It is outrightly wrong and a sin for anyone that wants to swim in God’s Glory to consciously remove the original source of the work that does not emanate for him or her!

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