We worship the Lord! Give Him all Glory, Dominion and Honour. His Dominion shall be an everlasting Dominion. For He is the Alpha, the Omega; the Beginning and the End. The First and the Last. The One who was, the One who is, the One who is to come. Immortal, Invincible, the Only Living, the Only Wise God.

Guess what? In Him we have our being! He is our Eternal Excellency. Our Joy of many Generations. For He is the One that sits in Heaven and makes the earth His footstool! When He speaks, it is done. When He commands, it is established.

Young People make some noise to the Owner of Life, the Giver of Life and the Giver of every good and perfect gift. Jehovah Nissi is His Name. Jehovah El Shaddai is His Name. He is the Indomitable Jehovah. He is the Indomitable Alpha, He is the Indomitable Omega. He is the Indomitable Warrior. He is the Giver of every Good and Perfect Gift.

For In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Guess what? You are the Light of the world. You are the Salt of the earth. You are the one He placed on the earth. For the Bible says: “From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same; Let the Name of the Lord be Praised”.

It is a good thing to give thanks unto Thee, and to sing praises unto your Name oh Most High. To show forth your loving kindness in the morning and your faithfulness in the night. Upon an instrument of ten strings; upon a Psaltery and upon the Harp. Oh Lord, how great are your works

… A foolish man does not understand it. And I know you are not foolish RCCG Young People!

It is time to bless the Name of the Lord. For “from the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same; the Lord’s Name is to be Praised”. Enter into His Gates with thanksgiving and into His Court with Praise. Be thankful unto Him at all times, and bless His Name. For the Lord He is God, it is He who has made us and not we ourselves. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Therefore, the Psalmist says: Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory? The LORD strong and Mighty, the LORD Mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory?

…Let me hear you say: THE LORD OF HOSTS!

Redeemers make some noise… Indomitable Young People, make some noise! If you know that the Lord’s enemy is unable to dominate you; because you have been created for Dominion; you have been created to take over. Wherever you are, say: I am Indomitable – I AM INDOMITABLE!

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! I have come to understand that the shouting side is the winning side. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

I believe this morning the Bible says: “the eyes of the Lord is moving through all the earth; He is looking for someone on whose behalf He will show Himself as Indomitable. And I believe that there is GPS in Heaven. That GPS has located Planet Earth. And on Planet Earth He located a Continent called Africa. And in Africa He located a Nation: a Western Nation you can call Nigeria. And in Nigeria He located a State called Lagos. In Lagos, just between Lagos and Ogun State, He has found a Camp called the Redemption Camp. And in the Redemption Camp He can hear so many people screaming. But somebody needs to get God’s Attention; If you are that person; Make an Holy Ghost crazy NOISE!


OPENING PRAYER: We bless your Name oh God. All these are about You. All these are for You. You are all we have and You are all that we are. You are the Architect of the Universe. You are the Supreme Majesty that reigns from eternity to Eternity. Undisputable Champion! No man voted you in, no man can vote you out! You are not a Political Figure; but you are the POLITICAL AUTHORITY. You are the Indomitable. Your Power is Incomprehensible. Your Ability is Unquestionable. And so we salute your Majesty this morning! We salute your Supremacy this morning.

And pray that from now on; that you would rend the Heavens, and you would come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy Presence. As when the melting fire burns, the fire cause the waters to boils; to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the
Nations may tremble at thy Presence! When you did terrible things which we looked not for, you came down, the Mountains flowed down at your Presence. For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eyes seen, Oh God, beside you, what you have prepared for your Indomitable Young People.

This morning, we come for Authority; we come for Ability, we come for Power, we come for Knowledge, we come for Information. Open our ears that we will hear. Open our eyes that we may see. Open our minds that we may receive the Mandate to be “INDOMITABLE POLITICAL YOUTH”.

In the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Son, in the Name of the Holy Ghost. In Jesus Name we have Celebrated God – Amen!

Now, put your hands together for the Lord; put your hands together for the Lord. Hallelujah! And God bless you – Amen.

You may please be seated majestically in the Presence of the Lord.

It gives me great Honour and a privilege to stand on this exalted Altar of the Lord and to bring a Message to you; that I believe is a Message in Season and is the Message in Time!

I want to celebrate of course, our Father, our Mentor, our Leader, our Coach; an Indomitable Figure in this time that we live in. Our Father, Pastor E.A. Adeboye. And of course, our Mummy Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye. For the great work they are doing and they have done in the last many years.

And all the Men of God that have created this Platform for us to express ourselves, and the Young People in the The Redeemed Christian Church of God. And of course, the entire Leadership of the Youth and Young Adults of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I celebrate all of you, for all the great works that you are doing.

I am deeply honoured and humbled to stand here and bring a message to all of us. And I believe strongly; and I always say this everywhere I go, that: “I am a proud product of The Redeemed Christian Church of God”. I gave my life to Christ in The Redeemed Christian Church of God. I did my Baptismal Class in The Redeemed Christian Church of God. I did my Foundation Class, did my Workers in Training and I have been a Worker for over Twenty (20) years in The Redeemed Christian Church of God. I am a Proud Product of this Platform and this End Time Movement that God has committed into our hands.

And so this morning as I bring the message to you on: “INDOMITABLE POLITICAL YOUTH”; I believe strongly that we stand at a point in history, and we well stand as a tragedy in a time where our Nation desires a new kind of Ideology and a new kind of Movement. And a new kind of thought that can shape and transform; not only in Nigeria, but the entire Africa. Because I personally believe that if Nigeria succeeds, Africa will succeed. And I believe if Africa is succeeding, the whole world will succeed. I personally believe that The Redeemed Christian Church of God plays a Pivotal Role. We play a very strategic Role in the future of this Nation.

And so, everyone under the sound of my voice this morning or reading right now; because you belong to this House: “you play a Pivotal Role in the future of Nigeria”.

And so this morning, it’s important that you listen (or read) attentively. It’s important that you hear (read) what God has to say to us. Because I have come to understand that: “Unless wisdom begins to speak; foolishness will continue to take precedence”.

It is only when foolishness begins to come in contact with wisdom that it begins to back off!

Corruption will never disappear unless the incorruptible seed is planted. I believe very strongly that you will never know the value of water unless you are thirsty. And so am not surprised about what is going on in and around us. “Everywhere is fully Politicised right now.”

And that is ok, because I know; the Bible says in Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.”

… It is when darkness is thickest that Light will have a meaning.

So, I came here to tell somebody this morning: “This is your time to Arise and your time to Shine!”

The Scripture also says: You are a Salt – to preserve. And you are a Light – to show direction in the world.

So I believe very strongly that this is your time to Preserve; and this is your time to Arise and show direction to Nigerians where we must go. I know that this is a Season for the sons and daughters of Issachar; who must understand the times and must be able to tell Nigerians where we must go. You must be able to tell the Church where we must go. I believe strongly that this is the time for the Prophetic Move of God to begin to find expression!

But you see, I have come to understand that the Testimony of Jesus Christ is the Testimony of the Spirit of Prophecy.

Oh! I do know that this is the time to say: ARISE Young man; ARISE Young woman. Your Season is NOW! This is the time, you know; when Political Tables are shaking. Political Empires are shaking. What a Time to be born in Nigeria! It’s so exciting, because I know in the next few years some of you here are going to be taking Positions that you never imagined or dreamt you could take. Simply because God is “Shaking Tables”. He is shaking the shakeables. The ones that have never been touched before. Empires are been shaken. So you must Arise and position yourself.

Say to your neighbour; Position yourself – POSITION YOURSELF!

And so this morning, I will be speaking to you; and we will be discussing on:

1. Dissecting The Importance Of Exercising Political Dominion;

2. We will discuss Political System and its Relationship with Kingdom Advancement;

3. We will Analyse Strategies for Exercising Political Dominion.

And I love this Theme: “INDOMITABLE”; because it’s such a Powerful Word, especially coming at the back of our Convention, where we obtained DOMINION.

To live a life that is “INDOMITABLE” is extremely important. But you see, it is important that we know that it is not only Spiritual Dominion that we need. Yes, you can dominate Spiritually; but I have met many people who carry tremendous “OIL” (Anointing) and they are extremely poor: because nobody has taught them FINANCIAL DOMINION.

You see, you can be anointed yet not fulfilling potentials. Simply because nobody has shown you “ANOTHER DIMENSION IN YOUR ANOINTING”.

There are several dimensions to Anointing. And so there is: Financial Dominion, there is Spiritual Dominion, there is Economic Dominion, there is Political Dominion.

When it comes to Nations, you can have Spiritual Dominion and not have Political Dominion. Thank God for our father in the Lord, who understands that “A Movement is not complete by just building a Spiritual wall”. No wonder he stood on this Platform and said in January, that: “Every single one of us should join a Political Party”. People don’t understand what he means; but believe that maybe he just wanted to get you excited.

It is an understatement that we need, as a Church; “Spiritual Dominion and Political Dominion”. When we combine these two (2) Armies; you are Unstoppable. You become INDOMITABLE!

So, when you pray in the Holy Ghost and you enter into a Party System; they have no choice than to listen to you. Because your wisdom is beyond the wisdom of man.

That is what made the difference in Joseph. Joseph did not become number two (2nd in Command) in Egypt because he was “Anointed”. NO! The Anointing helped him to interpret the dream; but when he got there, he created what I like to call: “The First Economic Policy for Transformation of the Land of Egypt!” And handed it over to Pharaoh. When Pharaoh read this Economic Policy Document, he had no choice than to say to Joseph: even though you are twenty nine (29) years going to be thirty (30) years; nobody carries a Spiritual Mandate. He said: “Because your God we will serve”. Also, nobody carries a Political Mandate more than you. Therefore, “Joseph, enter into my Palace and become my Number two (2)” man.

I have come to speak to a Young Person here today; and you might think all you need is just “This Oil”; “This Oil must flow”. But you see, let me tell you something: “… A Government Policy can shut down ten thousand (10,000) Churches in one day!”

If you don’t believe me, go and see Nations where people are Anointed and they are dripping with Oil; but they cannot set up a church Publicly. If you don’t believe me, go and see where people are worshipping underground, because of Government Policies.

Therefore, it is important that our Dominion must be in two (2) Phases: it must be both Spiritual and Political.

And please, let me also tell you that every time a Nation is in crisis; (you might need to write very fast because am going to speak very fast – I have a long way to go and a short time to get there).

Every single time a Nation is in crisis, God responds in two (2) ways: God either responds Divinely, or you may call it “Divine Intervention”. Or God also responds Politically. God will either responds Divinely or God responds Politically.

What God did for Joseph was not a Divine Intervention; it was a Political Intervention that happened in Egypt .

What God did when He took Moses through the Red Sea out of Egypt; the Red Sea couldn’t have been opened by a Political Movement, or by a Political Might. It had to be Divine! So God combined Moses Political Engagement with Pharaoh; and combined it with Divine Intervention to take then out of the Land of Egypt.

So two (2) Ways that God can respond; since we don’t have control of Divine Intervention. Yes, we can birth Divine Intervention Spiritually; because we can pray! But you don’t know whether God will answer. And you don’t know how long it will take God to answer.

By the way, I do know that there are other people representing Nations from across Africa here today. Our problem in Nigeria is not unique to Nigeria. So it is unique to Africa. So if you take the content of today; you take it to your Nation, it can work.

So because we are not in control of Divine Intervention; we can only pray that God answers.

But we can be in control of Political Intervention If you agree with me, let me hear you say: Yes – YES!

And so, let me give you examples of Political Interventions that were created:

1. Joseph’s emergence, like I said; was Political Intervention – Genesis 41:11. And the Bible also says in Exodus 1:8; another counter Political Intervention came into place – “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.” So you might think that because we gained Political Intervention once, that it will always remain. NO! There will always be counter intervention.

2. God planted Moses and trained him in the house of Pharaoh, because he was a back-up plan for Joseph. Because God knew ahead that a king will arise that will not know Joseph. So He had already planted Moses, after Joseph; to go into the Palace of Pharaoh – Exodus 2:10 (you will see the account there).

Moses was sent to confront Pharaoh – “Let My People Go!” He said it forty two (42) times – “Let My People Go” from Exodus Chapter 6 to Exodus Chapter 11 – Six (6) solid chapters of going back and forward.

… If you read that; that was Political Movement.

3. The emergence of David in 1 Samuel 16; the Bible says that Samuel came to Anoint David as king. That was a Political Movement. David’s confrontation of Goliath was not a Divine Intervention on David’s side. It was a Political Engagement. David stood and said: “Who are you that defile the Army of Isreal?” It was a Political Engagement!

Of course, God then applied Divine Intervention to ensure that “One Stone” could fly and enter the face of Goliath and put him down.

… When you make a Political Move, as a Spiritual child of God; Heaven stands still, responds and back you up!

4. And so, the Placement also of Esther; in the Book of Esther 4:14. Mordecai said to Esther: “For if thou altogether holdest thy Peace at this time, then shall their enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

I bring a message to somebody today; an Indomitable Young Person in The Redeemed Christian Church of God: “What if you were born into Nigeria; what if you were sent to Kenya; what if you are been planted in Egypt for Such a Time as this?” And so he said to Esther: You must engage the King Politically.

5. Daniel and the Hebrew boys was a Political Engagement – Daniel Chapters 2, 3 and 4 (read the account); it was a Political Engagement. Daniel served under four (3) Babylonian Governments. And it was recorded of Daniel that he was: “More Excellent than all his brethren”.

6. Cyrus Anointing: Cyrus Anointing was Political! The Book of Isaiah 45:1-4; God looked around, He could not find anybody to use. Cyrus was even a Pagan King, who didn’t know God. But God needed a Political Intervention: He called Cyrus and said: “Thus saith the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut;” Verse 4 is a Landmark Statement: “Even though you have not known me…”

So it means that even when God wants to make a Political Move; He can use a “HEATHEN” to achieve His Agenda.

… Let me try and break through Religion a little bit.

7. Jesus’ Leadership was both Divine and Political. You see, Yes! Heaven sent Jesus to die for our sins. That’s why the Bible says that: “If the prince of this world had known; they would not have crucified the King of Glory”.

But His Movement in the Land of Israel was challenging the Powers that be. Because Caesar was the only king in the land. But Jesus was been referred to as “THE KING OF THE JEWS”.

… That was Political!

i. Jesus built such a Powerful Movement that the people didn’t need the Government for Health Care System any longer; Because He was HEALING the Sick!

ii. The people didn’t need the Government for food any more; because Jesus was running a Social Enterprise that was working – Feeding five thousand (5,000) people with five (5) loaves of bread and two (2) fishes.

Can you imagine such a Political Dynamite! Such an Indomitable Figure!

iii. The people, they don’t need the Government anymore, to do rehabilitation; Because Jesus Christ was “Casting out demons”.

He combined His Divine Establishment, or Divine Authority with His Political Authority. And then, He started to drive a Powerful Force.

I came to speak to every Young Person in the Redeemed Christian Church of God; “The Time has cone to lead the Church”. You have received enough OIL; you have received enough Anointing. They have lay hands on you enough; that you are even ” loosing your hair!”

It is time to go out; be the Light of the WORLD. NOT the Light of the Church. It is time to go out and dominate.

Matthew 27:27; they inscribed on Jesus’ Cross and said: “JESUS, KING OF JEWS” – Political Statement!

8. And then, the Landmark Scripture; Ephesians 6:12 – “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

These are Political statements! I will analyse “POWERS” for you shortly; so that you will understand.

So this Scripture was putting Spiritual Powers and putting it on the same platform with Political Powers. But at this time, we will focus on the Spiritual Power alone.

And very quickly, let me just talk through, so that you will understand. And please I need you to take as much Information down, as possible. Because the Bible didn’t say “my people die for Power”; it did not say they die for lack of Anointing. It did not say they die or perish to lack of Money. It says that: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge… “Information will set us free. “My people perish because they don’t have INFORMATION!”

So there are different Systems of Government. The preferred Mode of Government for God is that: God is a “Kingdom God.” What did I say? GOD IS A KINGDOM GOD!

God likes the idea of a Kingdom. He is the King of kings. So He rules! He likes that. But the world has changed the System of Government; they changed it from Kingdom largely to now what we call “DEMOCRACY”. So they have “Democratize” everything. Everybody has a say: you are voting, you are collecting PVC’s (and I am coming to PVC’s shortly). Collecting PVC’s and all of that.

And under this Democratic Government, you have Confederations, you have a Unitary System. (I won’t have time to go into some of them). But I will tell you the ones that apply to us:

– The Federal or Federalism; then Republic (am zeroing it to Nigeria).

The Republic is a state in which the Power of the Central Government is restricted. And in which the components: States, Colonies and Provinces, retain a degree of self government. Ultimate, sovereign powers rest with the voters who chose them; Government Representatives (which is what we practice in Nigeria).

Now hear me, hear me very well, in other to be Politically Indomitable, please hear this; we must examine also the Spiritual Landscape and evaluate the influence and operation of Satan and his hosts; on the Political Processes and Institutions. This will be a safeguard for us as we prepare adequately for the engagement.

Now, because I said I want to give Information; a lot of time I have heard people ask me before, that you know: “Why is it that Christians don’t do all of these in Politics?” We do so well in Church Planting. But why is it that when we get into Government; it’s either we are not performing at all or that we are just restricted; Why?

And a lot of time, I personally believe it’s because of the lack of INFORMATION: that will prepare us before we go in. And unless you are prepared with information, you can’t be Indomitable!

So, first is to understand that the Earth, the world has been given to Satan to rule. You need to understand that!

The Bible says in Luke 4:7; Satan took Jesus, took Him on top of a building and said; look at the entire world, look at the Glory of the earth. He said: “If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.”

You cannot handover what you don’t have! So, Satan has authority on the world’s kingdom. He is referred to as the “Prince of the world”.

I want to give you information, so that we can apply the information to say, how do we go from here:

i. Satan is the Ruler of the kingdom of the Earth – Ephesians 2:2.

ii. Satan is the Prince of the world – John 16:11.

iii. The whole world lies under his (Satan) control – 1 John 5:19.

… Let’s not shy away from this; the Bible says he roams to and fro the earth, looking for whom to devour.

So Satan has, and because he has; then he has Agents!

Who are the Agents? So you have invincible Forces that are in operation:

1. Saul was tormented by Satan; even though sent by God to torment him – 1 Samuel 16:14.

2. The Prince of the kingdom of Persia. These are serious Powers in Greece – Daniel 10:12-13.

Daniel prayed for a long time and the Angel said: your prayers had been answered twenty one (21) days ago; but the Prince of the kingdom of Persia withheld me. Withstood me for twenty one (21) days. These are Powers!

3. God sent an Evil Spirit to Abimelech – Judges 9:23.

4. Human beings who refuse to acknowledge God are tormented by the Powers that are on earth – Roman 1:18-32.

5. Satan’s Agenda is to lead the whole world astray; we know that. He said this somewhere – Revelation 12:9; 23:8.

…The plan of Satan is to control Political Power. Please understand that!

This is where am landing: THE ULTIMATE AGENDA of Lucifer. And once you understand this, then you will be able to understand whether you even want to engage in a Political Process or not.

The Ultimate Political Agenda of Satan is to: “CONTROL POLITICAL POWER”. Because if he has controls of the Political Power and the Process; he then will determine who gets Power and who does not get Power.

And who knows; like they say “Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts ABSOLUTELY!’

So he ensures that people who will use the Power are the people who will use the power; “Not for the kingdom of this world to become the Kingdom of God: But for the kingdom of the devil”.

… And so, this is why we must be conscious; we must wake up.

We have noticed an incident in the Bible where Jeroboam inherited thirty (30) Tribes of Israel and in other to keep the hearts of the people away from Rehoboam, king of Judah and from Israel; he committed an abomination and laid a solid foundation of IDOLATRY for subsequent Rulers.

Am giving you these foundations so that you will understand what it means really for a Political Dominion. So that by the time you will be engaging in Politics, use the information.

He built two (2) cows in Bethel and Dan. He declared that the Cows were the gods who brought them out from Egypt. He prevented the ordained Levites. You see, when somebody that is evil gains Political Powers. Levite’s – the Choir, the Priests would not be permitted to minister.

… That’s what happens when people who should not be in control of Power are in control of Power!

He said, and appointed just anyone to the Priesthood! Built shrines; demons inhabited idols thereafter. You can find the account in 1 Kings 12:25-33.

… I am running very, very fast. Please stay with me.

Consequently, successful Kings after him, no matter how good they were; they all committed SIN! Because of Jeroboam’s Idolatry: Nadab committed sin – 1 Kings 15:26; Zimri – 1 Kings 16:19; Omri – 1 King 16:26; Ahaziah – 1 Kings 22:52; Jehu – 2 Kings 10:29; Jehoshaphat – 2 Kings 3:1.

Since some Power Seats had been dedicated to Satan. It’s as simple as that!

And for it to change, we must ARISE! Say Arise – ARISE! Say it like you mean it; say Arise – ARISE!

Let me quickly talk to you about the: The State, the Government and the Governed.

It will be expedient if Christians fully understand the relationship between the State, the Government and the People; so that the right efforts and resources – both Financial and Spiritual: are directed towards the right quarters.

… So that we know how we spend our money.

Once we understand this different structures…; let me define this. Please if you miss anything from everything am saying today; don’t miss what am about to say. This is critical:

“The State is the embodiment of our collective Sovereignty and it remains an enduring entity in our Sociopolitical and Economic Apparatus”.

… The State is so critical.

You must understand what I mean by the State. And I I will explain it to you: “It forms the bedrock upon which the System operates; and has its own character”.

The State has a character. The State has a nature. The State is interested in different other occupants of the System. Most Christians spend tremendous energy on the Office of the President. We always say: Oh! Go for the Office of the President. Contest for the Office of the President and the Presidency.

… Even the President and the Presidency are subject to the State. “The State is the most Powerful Entity”.

Once you understand the State, you can engage Politically. Once you understand the State and you can manage the State; you are an Indomitable Political Young Person!

The State; let me explain what the State is. Have you ever heard a statement before, for instance: “The Federal Government of Nigeria versus so, so and so person? Who is the Federal Government of Nigeria?

The Federal Government of Nigeria is not a person; you cannot touch the person. You cannot see the Federal Government of Nigeria. But somehow, the Federal Government of Nigeria is suing somebody – That is the STATE! Ogun State is State. He can sue you; he can be sued. Once you understand this, you can begin to say: “How do I engage the State? The Federal Government cannot be touched; it cannot be seen. But the State can be felt. The State can sue you; you can sue the State.

“Government come, Government go; Political Leaders come, Political Leaders go. The State remains the same”.

Once you understand this, Young People; once you understand this as a Christian; you then begin to think: “How do I engage the STATE?”. NOT: “How do I engage in Politics?”

… Are you following me?

Because, the State is the one that enjoys infrastructure. The State has been here before we were born. The State will be here after you go. The State is huge; The State is Massive. And so we must understand the Fundamental Laws and Structural Powers; we must understand clearly: Political Powers around the State.

1. Every State Structure will produce its own kind. Let me repeat that; “Every State Structure will produce its own kind”.

You wonder why Nigeria is the way it is? And you wonder why African Leaders are the way they are? Because our State Structure is the way it is.

“A good tree cannot produce a bad fruit”; it’s impossible! And “A bad tree can never produce a good fruit”!

… And so, a bad State cannot produce Good Leaders!

2. Once an entity is created by the decision of men and women; the aggregation of individual human spirit interact to establish a Distinctive Corporate Spirit than the individual that have birth to it.

3. The Corporate Spirit gives each Institution the personality; and she becomes a reality in its own right. That’s what I was explaining that: It can sue you.

And because of this reality: the State can dictate what kind of Technology you use; what kind of Fashion you wear; who Marries who – whether a man can marry a man. Whether a woman can marry a woman. That is not the decision on the Presidency; that is the decision of the State.

That is why, when you go to the United States of America; Homosexuality is Legal. Why? Because the States said so. And if you don’t get up and do something in Nigeria; a lot of things that “Are currently Illegal today; will be Legal tomorrow”.

4. The Corporate Spirit is resistant to sudden change. The State does not like change. He does not like anybody from “Outside” to come and threaten him. That is why, if they see you as a Young Person and you are speaking and you have passion; very quickly, the State will find a way to take you out. Because “he will DISRUPT the ESTABLISHMENT”.

Have you heard the word “ESTABLISHMENT” before? And that is why the Bible says: “we must be wise as a Serpent; and gentle as a Dove”

… The State cannot and must not see you coming.

5. Every State System have their Visible and Invisible Levels of Control. And usually; Invisible remains the HEARTBEAT of the Power that be.

So basically, the things that you see around you, they don’t matter much. What matters the most are the Structures that you don’t see. The unseen people; they are more important than the people that you see.

… Let me move very quickly.

6. Every State Structure has her own name and she is ruled by the State Spirit. So every State has a Spirit!

You can see a State Spirit that is called TYRUS according to Ezekiel 28:2 – “Son of man, say unto the prince of Tyrus, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thine heart is lifted up, and thou hast said, I am a God, I sit in the seat of God, in the midst of the seas; yet thou art a man, and not God, though thou set thine heart as the heart of God:”

And Isaiah 47:8 says: “Therefore hear now this, thou that art given to pleasures, that dwellest carelessly, that sayest in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me; I shall not sit as a widow, neither shall I know the loss of children:”

That is the overall STATE OWNER of the whole Universe; the Almighty God, the Indomitable Jehovah.

Therefore, to be a Politically Indomitable Youth; we must not only own Political Parties, we must not not only build Political Movements, we must not only come to Church and Pray for Nigeria and strategize about Nigeria: “You must OWN and BUILD Political States.”

… Very Important! That’s how you control the hearts of a Nation; when you control the State.

Very quickly, let me just mention the INVISIBLE Spiritual Battles that you will need to understand.

A closer look at our Politics, Leasers and Government from the Old Testament perspective shows that there are both Physical and Spiritual Dimensions – I said earlier; on the seemingly simple Acts of Governance.

It is regarded that four (4) Principal Partners and Actors are involved; depicting a sort of Physical and Spiritual conflicts in the Conferral Mystery.

There is a mystery in a State Structure; and these are the Four (4) things that are involved. Never forget these in a State Structure:

1. The Land;
2. The People;.
3. The Spiritual Representatives, that are called Rulers. Then;
4. The Spiritual Landlords. They are called “OWNERS”.

Let me repeat that the reason am going deep this morning; I could just come here and just say: “Go and get your PVC and be ready to vote”. The truth is that, when you get the PVC and you look at the candidate, you are wondering: “So who do I vote for exactly?”

… So some people are confused; they don’t know who to vote for.

The State has produced after his kind. And everything the State has given you does not measure up to what you expect. So you get the PVC and you are wondering: “What do I use this for?” And that’s why we must go deep this morning.

So, the Land, the People, the Spiritual Representatives, which are the Rulers; and then the Land Owners.

1. The Land is the Physical Features like you can see;

2. The People – you and I. You know we are very visible.

3. The Representative Cadre. Now, please take is group very seriously.

… Land you a can see; People you can see.

Let me now tell you about these people – The Representatives cadre. They include visible Rulers; kings, custodians of Power, gatekeepers, guardian through none occupiers, as well as Angelic beings; Principalities, Powers, Spiritual wickedness. Try to usurp their influence on Agents and Counterparts on the Land. Can you see those who are more deadly? They are deadlier than you and I as you can see.

.. Those are the Representatives Cadre.

4. And then, you have what is called the Almighty Himself – Jehovah. The Maker, the Owner of Heaven and Earth. He is the Invincible overall Controller of all Systems and Structures. And His Dominion is neither threatened nor vacant. Never forget that!

However, Satan will still be allowed to hold sway; he is up to usurp God’s objectives through; deception of men by the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride of life.

And so, once you understand this; that you need to be Spiritually and Physically Dominant as I begin to, then I will take you to where I really want to take you – There are Throne Rooms and there are Gateway to the Throne Room.

All Christians must understand the dynamics of Power Structures and the Pathway to the Throne. He must have the required skills and understanding on how to handle the Officers on the pathway; both visible and invisible.

So, sometimes we are very good at usurping visible ones; you fight them, you shout, they throw chairs in the House of Assembly. But you see, the deadlier ones are the Invisible ones. Those ones that sit on top of hills; somewhere in some States, I don’t want to mention names. You know them. They don’t talk, they don’t make public statements; but they make “Public Decisions!”

i. Gatekeepers, for instance – 1 Chronicles 19:17 gives us example of that;

ii. Guidance – 1 Chronicles 12; 2 Samuel 2:8-9;

iii. Handlers – 1 Chronicles 27:32;

iv. Custodians – 1 Chronicles 1:11-4. These are people you don’t see. You don’t even know them.

v. Then you have the Claimers of Land. You know, some.of them are called “Omo onile” (Landowners). That’s what is means – Psalms 62:11.

Those Rulers sometimes are interchangeable; as they are floating and not appointed at all. No body is appointing them. Nobody is electing them. They are floating freely.

Let me now bring you to Nigeria Politics. Let’s look at what we understand. Alright, let me breakdown everything I have just said; I need us to understand it. Because we can come here and get all excited about Politics; but if you don’t understand the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, then you will be disengaged.

1. So the first thing is to understand that at the Top of this hierarchy is what you call “THE PRINCE”.

The Prince is the Spiritual Assignee. Every Nation has a Prince. And am saying this, so that when you pray for Nigeria you begin to raise a prayer point concerning the Prince of this Nation.

Every Nation has a Prince! Every Region has a Prince. Southwest of Nigeria has a Prince. Southeast has a Prince. Northeast has a Prince. Northwest has a Prince. Every Region has a Prince!

Hear me very well, every State, every Local Government Area, has a Prince. There are Princes everywhere!

No wonder the Bible says in Psalm 24:7-8

7. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in.

8 Who is this King of Glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.

Do you know who is asking the question; “Who is this King of Glory? Can you imagine the audacity of the Prince questioning the Authority of our God?

In fact, the Prince is so bold; They said: “Lift up your head oh ye gates; the Gate is the Prince. And they said, lift up your head ye everlasting doors. And let the King Of Glory…” They didn’t even say: “Let the Indomitable Youth come in oooh!” They said: “Let the King of Glory come in”. And the Prince had the audacity to ask: ” Who is this King of Glory?”

Pharaoh was a Prince; so when Moses went to meet him and said: “Let my people go!” so that they may make sacrifices to their God. And he answered and said: “Who is this your God?”

Am praying for someone today; that every Prince that is challenging your Spiritual and Political Mandate will be silenced this morning – Amen!

… They question your authority, every time you try to emerge as a Young Person; they say: Who are you?

2. And then you have what is called “THRONE OCCUPIERS”.

These ones are simpler! It’s very simple, it’s very easy to become the President of Nigeria. Very easy! All you need to do is just build a momentum; building proper Campaign. So the President and Vice President, these are Throne Occupiers. They are just there for a time. Four (4) years; at most eight (8) years, and they are gone!

… The Prince will be there for a long time!

The State Governors and Deputies, Local Government Chairmen. These are Throne Occupiers.

3. And then you have what is called the GUIDANCE of the State. The Police, the Paramilitary Agencies, NDLEA.

So if you are contending with the Prince; all of a sudden, you will just hear that EFCC is auditing and investigating you. And you are wondering “What did I do?” Nothing! These are the Guidance, these are the people that just want to ensure that you stay away; you don’t touch their things.

… Are you following me this morning? So once you understand all these elements, you know how to play.

4. PROTECTORS; The Protectors are the Armed Forces, Military, Air Force. And the State has incredible Power. They can unleash any time!

5. AGENCIES; What I call the “Monopolies”; they like the monopoly of violence.

6. And then you have the CUSTODIANS; the Intelligence Community. In Nigeria you have the FBI, CIA. In Russia you hear things like KJP, back to the Communists Era.. In Nigeria now you hear about DSS, SSS, you know!

Those are Custodians. You have collaboratives; International Communities, International Criminal Courts.

… I hope am not scaring someone? Nobody is coming for anybody.

But if you are going to be Indomitable, you must dominate all these Structures; very important! We must tell you of these places: you that you are an insider.

7. Then you have the LANDLORDS;

Landlords or Colonial Masters. Thank God Nigeria is somehow free from direct colonization; even though we have what I like to call “Leo Colonization” – you don’t make your decisions directly. There are Foreign Powers that influence local decisions.

Yes, you have Independence! Yesterday (October 1st) we celebrated Independence; but how Independent are we really?

8. And then you have FOREIGN INTEREST – International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, United Nations. These are Foreign Interests. Foreign Powers that make sure that you don’t do certain things.

9. Finally, you have GATEKEEPERS; they are Electoral Bodies, INEC, Party Executives, Stakeholders, Major Sociopolitical Influencers, Vito Power, God Fathers.

If you look at Nigeria currently, I mean something is going on currently in Lagos. You understand this particular one. How powerful god fathers are. And if you are a god son that you rode on the instruction of god father and then you want to bite the finger that fed you; they will come for you.

Can you see while we must take over? Can you see why we must have Dominion? Can you see why we must be Indomitable?

… Say to yourself “I must be Indomitable” – I MUST BE INDOMITABLE!

These are structures to take over. These are Structures to win. And as I combine all of them, I give you what I call “THE STATE ORGANS”; Seven (7) Layers of them.

1. At the bottom of it, which everything rest is is GOD the Almighty Power.

2. On top of it you have the Governed – you and l; residual men, 180 million Nigerians.

3. And on top if that you have what I like to call The State Structures.

4. And above it, you have the Government Apparatus – NDAs.

5. And then you have the Operating System of Government – Presidency, Legislative and Judiciary.

6. And then at the top if it you have what is called The Kitchen Cabinet.

7. And then at the very Top, you have the PRESIDENT.

… But on top of all of these, if you remove GOD from the BASE, “Everything Collapses!”

And that is why the Bible says that: “we are seated with Christ in God, high, far above principalities and Powers. So we sit at the highest level of Dominion.

Hallelujah! And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, somebody is then asking: “What am I supposed to do after all you have said?” It is very simply! How do I become an Indomitable Political Youth? You need to look at these different structures that I have mentioned, and ask yourself: “Where do I belong?”

It is not enough to come to Church and pray from now till tomorrow. If we pray from now till next year, “Prayer will not go to the Polls to elect an Official”.

I like Nehemiah Chapter one (1). Nehemiah spent twenty one (21) days; fasted and prayed. He asked God for favour; “Let me find favour before the King, so that when I make my request, he will obey and listen to me.” And then he moved into action. He made the request to the King and the King gave him the go ahead to go and rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem.

In Nehemiah chapter two (2); there he started to mobilize and build structures.

I came to speak to a Young Person here today, or reading right now; “It is your time to begin to build your structures”.

Actually, it is not a prayer, it is a CHARGE! It is a charge to you, that; that vision God has given to you to occupy some of the things I have mentioned; which I will begin to roll out the SPECIFIC things to begin to build.

And then Nehemiah began to build. But he was not only building Physically, he was also building spiritually. They were praying on one side; they were building on the other hand. At night they were defending the builders of the wall. In the morning they were praying. They were building and they were praying.

I dare say to you; “You don’t build while standing and while kneeling”. You combine Divine Power with Political Power. And Spiritual Power with Physical Ability make things easy.

Nehemiah understood this ability and mobilized Builders, mobilized men and women, and called them; “Let us build the broken walls; let us repair the broken walls”. And they got to work.

… What could not be done for two hundred (200) years of the broken walls of Jerusalem was rebuilt in 52 days.

Amazing things happen when we combine Anointing with our strength and our understanding.

So KEY ROLES of The President:

1. The President represents our collective Sovereignty.

Maybe somebody is here this morning, or reading right now; and you are saying: “The way I want to be Indomitable is for me to make sure that I hold this position”. Today is your morning – Amen.

Now, you have the information. The President, competent or not. Good or evil; represents our collective Sovereignty. He or she is engaged by the System. Seeks personal, Group or National Agenda. You can have a President that is all about personal survival. Every President wants to survive; nobody wants to die in office.

2. And then you have the Cabinet.

These are hardworking,Technocrat,Beaurocrats, Intellectuals, Competent, loyal and committed self centred. Some of them may be Stakeholders. NO! They answer to the President. They are the dispensers of our Sovereign Will. They are mostly “Unelected”.

3. And then you have what I like to call the Party Cabals.

They are partisan outlook, self aggrandisement. Aggregation of collective interests. They focus on the next election every single time, not on the present performance. Every single time is about Election Cycles. In fact, I call some of them “Political Masquerade”; because they come out every four (4) years.

4. And then you have the Nonparty Invisible Cabals.

They seek Group interest; exploitative in the long run. Their paddling of self influence, they appropriate and allocate collective Sovereignty. These guys just collect; they are like “Rain Seekers”.

5. And then you have the Operative System.

… Begin to say; “Where do I function in all of these?”

6. Beaurucratic, Legislative and Judiciary.

They could be inefficient. This is where you see a lot of corrupt Leaders mediocrity. Whether they know how to do the job or not. “He is my brother, she is my sister; let him come in. Let her come in”.

7. Then you have the Government Apparatus; NSAs.

They are ineffective at times. Particularly in Nigeria. And incompetent in many times. They lack innovation and creativity.

And so for a Young Person that wants to be Indomitable; “How do I bring innovation and creativity into the Government?”

An example is Seun Onigbide: he created a Platform that is transparent for Government. Now Bill Gate is talking about him. The World Bank is bringing him to come and talk. Everybody is speaking about him; simply because he is dominating in that Space!

8. And then you have the State Structure; centralised, rigid unification and uniformity. They suppress and control mechanism custodians and apparatus, sovereign power.

9. And then you have the Government. And I want to talk to the Governed this morning as I begin to bring this home.

The Governed, which is the citizens, lightly fragmented, disorganized, disfigured.

Most people ; I don’t know how many people are still listening to me right now or even writing or reading right now. Because it’s not in our nature to sit and hear or read so much information. It has become common place for large number of people to just hear Chant words like: “Say this, and the people respond that”.

There is a place for that. But guess what? There is more place for Information than the place of shouting.

Hear me, and hear me well; the Bible says: “In the beginning was the Word (that is Information). It says the Word (Information) was with God, and the Word (Information) was God.

It says this same Word (information) was there in the beginning with God. It says All things were created by the same Word (Information); and it says without this Word (information) nothing was created that was created.

Can you see that Information created the world and Information will change the world.

The devil reordered the world by bringing another set if Information. God said: “Don’t eat the Apple”; the devil brought another information and said: “You can eat the Apple”

Information is POWER! You have information? You are a deadly weapon. They will look for you. They will write to you. They will invite you to come and have a conversation. I know what am talking about!

… There are some things I cannot say in this Platform; but I know what am talking about. They invited me to come. And they even beg me not to say certain things; because they know that I KNOW!

The Governed, largely ignorant, mostly shortsighted, deprived, rejected. Because of all the things that have been going on. Mostly “the solution harassed!” Nobody can hear word again. You can’t watch anything on TV. It’s all about them now. For the next three (3) to four (4) months; until February 2019 comes and go. And you wait another three (3) years and they will start all over again.

This is when you see money moving through the System. The State Apparatus will be activated from one state to another. The State is in charged. You see Military, you see DSS, you see everybody moving.

Can you imagine if the Righteous is in Power at that Level? Can you imagine if you; somebody who is Holy Ghost filled, Tongue Talking, Bible Waving, is sitting as the Head of DSS in Nigeria? Can you imagine if the Chief of Army Staff is a Redeemed Member? Can you imagine if the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a Believer? And that day is not far from now; very, very soon. Can you imagine?

Because the Bible says: “When the Righteous is in Power, the People will Rejoice. But when the wicked Rules, the people are in agony”.

All these Apparatus that I have mentioned; we cannot be Indomitable unless we fill them. Unless we occupy the.

7. And so, the seventh (7th) Figure in this place is the Custodian of Ultimate Power – JEHOVAH! His Name is Yahweh. And when we are connected to Yahweh, and we listen to His voice, as it is said in Genesis 1:27-28

27. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

28. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

… We are created for Dominion, and we were created for such a time as this.

As I begin to round up, you then ask yourself: ” So how do I begin?” How do I engage the System? The first thing is that (please understand):

“Every Contest for Land, no matter how mild; is a Contest for SOULS. Because SOULS dwell on the Land”.

No Wonder when Daddy GO goes around, he says “we must win souls”. He know what he is talking about. Because when you win souls and you disciple people; listen to me, we must win souls. “The battle for the land is a battle for souls”. Land is useless without Occupiers of the Land.

And we know that every land is a Mission Field and the battle ground. Therefore, the Christian who is going to this Mission Field must put on the whole armour of God as an astute intention and capability for the strategy of Satan; You must not sleep and you must slumber.

The FORMAT of the Mission Engagement is usually in the form of:

1. MOBILIZERS; this morning am calling for Mobilizers. Some of you are gifted; you have the ability to mobilize. If they tell you to bring one thousand (1,000) people to the Redemption Camp today; you will find a way to bring them. You might need some help with buses, but the one thousand (1,000) people is sure. And you are gifted, you know yourselves.

I can see they are raising up their hands. If you are a Mobilizer let me hear you shout hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!

… Whaoooo! We have that many Mobilizers here.

So for you to be Indomitable, we need Mobilizers. At the end of this Convention we must be able to find: “Who are the Mobilizers?”

So when the battle is ready, can you imagine if we get one thousand (1,000) people that can Mobilize one thousand (1,000) people each? Just imagine the number! The State will be scared of us; the Redeemed Christian Church of God with almost fifty thousand (50,000) Parishes Nationwide. Imagine our number. Imagine our strength!

This is the time for the Mobilizers to get up. Mobilizers that have understanding, Mobilizers that have information, Mobilizers that know what to do with people. One thousand (1,000) Mobilizers, imagine what they will do. And there are people here who can command five thousand (5,000); there are people here who can command ten thousand (10,000). This is the season of Mobilizers!

… To be Indomitable is not a prayer point; it is Work!

2. Those of you who are saying; what does he mean that it is not a “Prayer Point”?

Don’t worry there is a place for you. We need INTERCESSORS! There are people who will say: I can’t mobilize, but I can PRAY; No problem. Come to the Redemption Camp and stay here and pray. We will Mobilize. But make sure you don’t fall asleep, Pray!

We need Intercessors at the highest level. Because you see; we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

… We need Warriors, of course!

3. How do you take up this work without finance? We need FINANCIERS! We need people who will say: “For that guy who is able to bring one thousand (1,000) people, I need ten (10) buses to be able to do it; I need five hundred thousand Naira (N500,000.00) to mobilize ten (10) Buses here.

Where are the Financiers by faith or already ready; let me hear you shout hallelujah – HALLELUJAH!

Financiers are people who are Channels, they are not containers. Those things which God has given to you; the buses, they are for you to produce incredible wealth. So that the wealth can help make the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our God.

4. And then we have the SENDERS. They are not people who will say, ok! We have ten thousand (10,000) people; who is going to be the President, who is going to be the Vice? Who is going to be the Governor/Deputy? Who is going to be the Local Government Chairperson?

Look, I challenge all of us today. There are seven hundred and seventy four (774) Local Government Areas in Nigeria. And you tell me we cannot find seven hundred and seventy four (774) people in the Redeemed Christian Church of God who could be Local Government Chairmen? It is an Anomaly!

There is a place that I live in his Lagos; Lekki Phase 1 Area. There are about fifty (50) Churches on that Lekki Epe Express Road. In fact, I call that Road: “Lekki Boulevard”. That’s what I call it. Some of the biggest Churches, that’s where they are. And last year, the Local Government Chairman was a Muslim.

Do you know the number of people that voted for him in that Area? Twelve Thousand (12,000) people. While the combined number of people in the Churches in that area are about One Hundred Thousand (100,000).

… What are we doing? And then we have Missionaries in the Missions Field; ” Who shall go for us? Who shall we send? Here I am send me!

Finally, I know there are some people who will say: “You know what, I don’t believe in the participation in Politics and Political System.” No problem!

4. There two (2) categories of people here; but I am praying that a larger percentage of people here: it says there are those who believe in NON PARTICIPATION. “I just want to vote; Heaven is where am going, I just want to make Heaven. “That’s all! I don’t want to do anything else on earth.”

But the Bible says: “The Earth has been given to the children of men to cover”. That’s the reason why poverty is in the land. Nigeria is now the Poverty Capital of the world – it’s in statics.

We have overtaken India. India had 1.3 Billion people in population, and the number of people that are poor in India is seventy one (71) million. Nigeria has a hundred and eighty (180) million people; and eighty five (85) million people are living below Poverty Line. That is an anomaly! We have overtaken the world.

China, in twenty (20) years; moved seven hundred and fifty (750) million people out of poverty. seven hundred and fifty (750) million people; that’s five (5) times our population! What are we doing? And we say we are not interested?

Let me tell you that “A Begging Bowl” (begging from one parson to another); a Begging Bowl is not a pathway to prosperity of any kind.

And the second (2nd) category of people are those who believe in “ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT”; Active engagement, intervention, advocacy and participation. If you can’t do anything else at all, get Information and begin to Talk. Let people hear your voice!

So whatever Category you find yourself, you must understand that there’s a place for “NEGOTIATION”.

Finally, David had to negotiate with Saul’s GOC, Abner; the Captain of Saul’s Army, for him to get into the Kingdom. And the Leaders of Israel, for him to become King – 2 Samuel 3:13; 5:3.

David was already anointed King in 1 Samuel 16; he waited until 2 Samuel 3, for him to become King over Judah – ten percent (10%) of the entire Kingdom was what he had access to.

Anointed at age seventeen (17); he became King over Judah at the age of thirty (30). He didn’t become King over Israel till the age of thirty eight (38).

… There’s a place for NEGOTIATION!

And so Indomitable Youth; Civic Responsibility, Community Intervention, Projects in Territories where Christianity is not known in Nigeria, Anchor Dropping. And I live what we do in RCCG; whether it’s CSR, and what the Youths and Young Adults are doing with RISE, Information dissemination; that is what you call Social Anchors. Trainings, Seminars, Workshops, NGOs, Relevance Target Groups, Legal: for example, all the different Aids that we provide; Advocacy Groups, Direct Salient Bars, and Christian Issues. Strategic Youth Engagement (like what we are doing this week). And Empowerment, Education, Retraining, Employment, Skills Acquisition, Social Reconciliation, Relieves and Reforms.

All of these are very important in engaging the State and engaging the System. But we cannot make any headway unless we become EXTREMELY POLITICAL! Political is that you decide to join a Political Party.

1. Build Structures: these are achievable things now. Build Structures! David built structures; built four (400) men in Cave Adullam. Those men were the ones that were fighting and became “Mighty Men of David”. Build Structures! Jesus built Structures; twelve (12) Disciples. He extended it to seventy (70) and then the number continued. And here you are today!

2. Leverage on the Structures of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Our fathers have done a tremendous amount of work. Oh my goodness! Look at what we sit on top. Look at what we have; look at our numbers, look at the structures; the Regions, the Provinces, the Zones, the Areas and the Parishes, in Nations of the world. Leverage on it for Dominion!

This is beyond PVC; you must discover your PILLAR! What Pillar do you want to hold, that you want to shake? Who is your Goliath? What is your Goliath? Where do you want to dominate? Samson even at the point of death, he said: “Show me the Pillars on which this building is resting?” And then, when he found the Pillars, he PUSHED them; the whole building came down. Who is your Goliath?

3. And then, please don’t do anything unless “YOU ARE LED’. The Bible says: “As many that are led by the Spirit of God; they are the sons of God.”

For Candidates that are Running for Offices; this Message is important! You need a Political Platform, and you need the people. But, don’t so anything UNLESS YOU ARE LED.

This morning, my time is up! But I have got to tell you that we stand at time in history; every twenty (20) years, Nigeria’s Political System changes. Every twenty (20) years we have a New Political Structure.

It’s an inside Information am giving us this morning. 1999 was our Return to Democracy. Twenty (20) years before then, it was a Military Era. Twenty (20) years before then, Coups and Counter Coups. Twenty (20) years before then, it was Civil War. Twenty (20) years before then, it was fight for Independence.

2019 will make another twentieth (20th) years for Nigeria. What is going to change, I might not know! But are you prepared for what is to come? Every twenty (20) years, a New Thing Emerges.

I have a Message for someone here today: ARISE, SHINE! that your light has come, and the Glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. That though darkness we may see today, may cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but this is the time for your LIGHT TO SHINE!

What if you were born for such a time as this? For if not us, WHO? If not now, WHEN? If not us as Indomitable Youths of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, which other Church? Which other Platform?

The world is waiting for us. Nigeria is looking for us. People are begging for us to stand up and be Indomitable. People are waiting for us to take charge and step into Position. My question to you this morning is that: Are you ready? (2 times).

Well, if you sre ready please stand up on your feet now. Stand up on your feet now!

Oh yes, we pray: Oh God of Creation, direct our noble cause. Guide our Leaders right, help our Youth the truth to know. In honesty we pray. We pray for Peace, we pray for all of these different things: Great lofty heights attain, to build a Nation where peace, and justice shall reign.

But who are the Builders? It is you and I.

I say to you today, GET READY! Roll up your sleeves and get ready. It is time to get to work. As you spend the rest of this week; gather Information. Don’t leave here without praying for direction. But as you pray for direction, make sure you step into Purpose.

Lift up your two (2) Hands and say: my Father!

… I can’t hear you; let your shouting be Indomitable.

Say: My Father, here I am; Send me, Anoint me, Equip me, Unleash me. (Open your mouth and pray that prayer now!)

… DISCOVERY MEDIA CREW … Reaching out to the world through the Power of the Gospel!




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