Day 9 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers

Sunday 19th Jan 2020

1. Father, we thank you for the great vision You have given to our fathers of faith in RCCG.

2. Father; we are grateful for the foresight and the guidance to locate and acquire land at Kilometer 46 lagos-Ibadan express way

3. Father we thank You for programmes and Evangelical activities that are initiated and operating on the camp ground since inception.

4. Father, we thank You for progress in the works of the auditoriums hosting the monthly Holy Ghost Services from the first, second, third and now to 3×3 Km.

5. Father; we thank you for the vessels used in providing resources for the development of the camp infrastructures

6. Father we thank you for exponential growth these steps has brought to RCCG

7. Father; we thank You for as many that have legally acquired land and invested in properties in the camp.

8. Father; we thank You that we are going higher day by day, growing bigger every day and the camp becoming a beautiful place to dwell in.

9. Now Father; whosoever has illegality decided to hinder your plan by forcefully taking lands which You have purchased for yourself; we commit them into your hands.

10. Father; we know it is impossible for any man to successfully steal from You, Please in Your own way, restore back into your Church what the enemy has stolen.

11. Father; Give those who are behind these plots a repentant heart with willingness and power to restitute their ways

12. Dear heavenly Father; save us from any acts that will lead us to hell, no matter the earthly gain involved.

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