Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

You will agree with me that it has been an awesome Congress; a time of Uncommon Blessings from the Lord.

I want you to rise up to your feet this morning in appreciation for all what God has done during this Congress. Let us wave our hands unto Him and say thank you to Him – to the One who is able to do all things; to the One who has Power, to the One who saves soul, to the One who delivers, to the One who sets free, to the One who does Mighty Things; for all of the remarkable Testimonies.

Glory be to the Name of the Lord this morning. Appreciate Him, Honour Him, Give Him thanks, give Him Praise, Worship and Adore Him. He has been so good. This is a Congress that is Unique, Awesome and Different from every other Congress. It is unusual in Blessings, in Great Manifestations, in Testimonies and also in expectations.

Glorify the Name of the Lord. Our God has been so Good, our God has been so kind. We have enjoyed and experience His Visitation. Let’s give Him thanks, let’s give Him Glory, let’s give Him Honour, let’s give Him Worship. Adore the Name of the Lord for all He has done.

Thank Him for the unusual and uncommon strength upon our father in the Lord and with the Words He has spoken through Him and the Host of Ministers during the course of the Congress.

Glorify the Name of the Lord for every life touched and every blessings released. We give you thanks, we give you Praise. Thank you awesome Father, to you alone be all the Glory forever and ever. In Jesus Mighty we have given thanks – Amen!


We are Grateful oh Lord
We are Grateful oh Lord
For all you have done for us
We are Grateful oh Lord.


Father, we have come to return to you all the Glory and Honour for the wonderful and awesome Congress. For your Great Manifestations, for the show of your Power and for the release of your great Power.

Thank you for visiting us during the course of this Congress. Thank you for your awesome Power. Thank you for proving yourself as Faithful and Mighty. We thank you for all the souls that are saved. We say thank you for the lives that are touched. Thank you Father for safe delivery, thank you for your Words, thank you for your Anointing, thank you for Hope, thank you for Great Expectations, thank you all that you have done and thank you for all that will come as s result of this Congress.

To you alone be all the Glory forever in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Father, as we come for this Thanksgiving Service; we asked that you will accept us and accept our Thanksgiving. To the Glory and Praise of your Name. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!

Say a better Amen – Amen! Let me hear you Praise God one more time: Praise the Lord – Hallelujah!

God bless you. Please let us take our seat.

We want to appreciate God for this great honour and for an awesome opportunity to be in God’s Presence. We want to appreciate our beloved father for this great honour to share the Word of God on this exalted altar. And I want to congratulate every member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God for this Wonderful and Glorious Congress.

Put your hands together for the Lord for all what the Lord has manifested in the course of this Congress – it has been awesome, it has been Glorious, it has been Powerful; a Superlative Congress it has been.

It has been a Congress in a Million. We give Him all the Glory and Honour. May His Name forever be Praised forever.

… In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!

My assignment this morning is to give a Word as to why we must give thanks and to spur us to give thanks unto the Most High God.


Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all Spiritual blessings in Heavenly Places in Christ.

In this passage of the Scriptures; the Bible is saying to us: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all Spiritual blessings in Heavenly Places in Christ.

Now, one of the thing that we need to get right this morning is that blessings are determined from the Spirit realms and from the Heavenly Places. And when they are pronounced there, they manifest in the realm of the Physical.

As a matter of fact, as we learnt during the course of this Congress; battles are fought and determined during the course of the Spirit. And in the course of this Congress, the battles has been determined in our favour – Victory has been granted unto us and so it is necessary for us to go and manifest God’s Glory.

… May your life show forth and showcase God’s Grace and Mighty Power in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

When we consider the theme: “GLORY AHEAD”; it goes beyond the ordinary theme of a Program. It is an Impartation of Hope for the hopeless to say: hold on and hang on for a better day is ahead. It is an encouragement to the discouraged and it is a Prophetic Declaration.

And as we have found out during the course of this Program, God has strengthened us, our Hope reinforced, our Confidence in God has been Solidified and so we have every reason to give thanks unto the Most High God.

And when you look at the whole of the Congress this Year, you can just look at about five (5) things or reasons there, why we must give thanks unto the Lord this morning for all that He has done for us:

1. Glory Ahead far outweighed the trouble that is around.

There are so many troubles, so many challenges that we see around but we have been assured that we have seen the Glory that is Ahead – it surpasses all the challenges and all the troubles that we see anywhere around.

In 2 Corinthians 4:17, it says that: For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of Glory.

The afflictions that we have is light compared to the Glory.

Now if you will put them in a scale, the Glory outweighs the afflictions. And so whatever is it that is the challenges that we see around; we can look beyond our challenges because there is a Glory that is being revealed at this particular time.

The storm we see is no longer a threat; the intimidation of giants is no longer a threat because we have been assured of Victory – Hallelujah!

2. Secondly, in the course of this Congress; we have discovered that the Glory Ahead makes a pain an enduring one.

Now, whatever we need to go through in order to get to the Place of Glory is worth the enduring.

We cannot help in anyway give up because we know that there is a Glory lurking at the end of the tunnel for us.

The writer of Hebrew in chapter 12, verse 2; giving us the example of Jesus said: Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith; who for the Joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

In order words, he said what made Jesus despise every shame and reproach, the beating, the scourging was the Glory that was ahead of Him.

It is sacrifice that inspires the rewards. Where there is a reward, sacrifices will not be difficult.

When there is a “Worthy Price” to be won; the Price to be paid will not be a painful one.

And so in the course of this Congress, God has given us the reassurances again and again that there is a “Better Day Ahead” for us. And so whatever pain of today we can endure it to enter into the moments of our Glory.

3. Thirdly, we also have discovered that the Glory Ahead makes “Adventures Worthy”.

Now whatever is it; whatever adventures that we need to go through in order to get there because we see the Glory at the end of it makes it worthy for us.

The story of Elisha and Elijah in 2 Kings 2: 1-9; is an encouragement in this regards.

Now for three (3) consecutive times; Elijah tried to discourage Elisha but Elisha could see ahead the Glory of becoming the “father of the sons of Prophets”. So he moved away from the company of the “sons of the Prophets” to becoming the “father of the sons of the Prophets”.

So when Elijah asked him to wait, he decided to move on – he said: I will press on and he pressed on until he got to verse 9 when Elijah asked the question: Ask what I shall do for you?

And I don’t know how we feel about this: When God through our father in the Lord (Pastor E.A Adeboye); gave us a blank cheque to ask whatever we want?

It is such an awesome opportunity and such a Glorious opportunity to ask whatever things that we needed.

And am sure that no matter how big or great what you think that you must have asked for; just as it was in the case of Solomon; God will still be saying is that all you could ask for? I will give you much more than you have asked for.

We therefore have an expectation that God will beat your expectations and go beyond our imaginations.

4. The forth thing is that the Glory Ahead makes the “Wilderness Journey” a sweet experience to pass through because we can see the glimpse of the Promised Land.

The glimpse of the Promised Land makes the wilderness journey a sweet experience to pass through.

In Deuteronomy 8: 7-9; God painted the picture of the Promised Land to the children of Israel and they could see the picture of where God was taking them and that encouraged them. Even though the journey was prolonged; but they endured it until they arrived at the Place.

May each of us arrive there in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

5. The Glory Ahead is an “Announcement that a Season has ended and a New Season is about to begin”.

And we all know that each one of us, every human being is either you are in a Season or you are going out of a Season or you are entering into a Season.

This Congress has moves us from one Season and has taken us into a New Season.

Like we find in Genesis 8:22. It said: While the Earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

Now, there are different Seasons in life – While some are in their Dry Season, some are in their Rainy Season.

And so this Congress has moved us from one Season and it has taken us into another one.

So we have existed from the Season of Lost and we are entering into the Season of Gain. We have existed the Season of Scarcity and we are entering into the Season of Surplus. We are moving out from the Season of Denial and we are going into the Season of Acceptance. We are moving out of the Season of “Not Enough” and we are going into the Season of “More Than Enough”.

… I think someone will Glorify the Name of the Lord!

Interestingly, in all of these is that the God who has gathered us together, who has sent us a Word; is a “Faithful God”. Numbers 23:19 says: God is not a man that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good?

God will not say anything that He cannot do. And whatever He said; it is done! Nothing is beyond His Ability. Nothing is beyond His Power.

In all of our lives; there will be Manifestations in the Precious Name of Jesus.

Although God has made all these wonderful Promises that we must be thankful for and give God the Glory; you must however understand that if God has spoken, there are things that are in your own part to do as well:

1. You must open your eyes to see every opportunity that God wants to give you because unless you see it, you may not be able to get it.

2. You must open your hearts because you must allow every emotional pains to go before you can enter to where God wants you to get to.

3. You must open your mind because a changed mind determines a changed life.

4. You must open your hands.

There is a seed that you must sow. You must sow the required seed in order to enter into your Glory.

But a final analysis in all of these however is that we need to understand that even though there is a Glory Ahead; it is only meant for those who are on the side of God. It is for those who are righteous.

Psalms 37:37 says: Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.

Now for those among us who are not born again; for those among us who has heard about surrendering their lives to Jesus and they have ignored again and again and again. In hearing you have heard it but it is unfortunate that they may not be a Partaker except that you turn around and put yourself on the side of the Lord.

In Hosea 7:1; it says: When I would have healed Israel, then it said that the iniquity of Ephraim was discovered and the wickedness of Samaria: for they commit falsehood; and the thief cometh in and the troop of robbers spoileth without.

Now God wants to bless you but He said that your iniquities will prevent you because the accuser of the brethren will accuse you and stop the blessings from getting down to you.

So you have an opportunity this morning if you are in this congregation or watching/reading from any part of the world and you have not surrendered your life to Jesus. If you must be a Partaker of the Glory that is Now Around and that has arrived; then you must surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

And that is why this morning, if you have not surrendered your life to Jesus, I will invite you before the altar to come and surrender your life because until you make a decision for God, nothing happen positively in your life.

… So come very quickly and God Bless you.

As you come, begin to commit yourself to His hands. Until your life is committed to God, God is not committed to your life. So, come and commit your life unto the Hands of God so that you can see God manifesting in your life. Say, Lord I have come to meet with you; let your Blood washes me clean. Let the Blood of Jesus cleanse me. I surrender my life unto you Jesus, wash me in your Blood, write my name in the Book of Life. Let the Blood of Jesus that speaks better things speaks for me this morning and let all be well with me to the Glory of the Lord. Erase my name from the book of death.

The rest of us, let us give God the Glory because we know that everything in our life will change for the better. God will manifest His Grace and Glory in our lives.

Let’s rise on our feet and begin to give thanks to the Lord because we are in a New Season – it is our Season of Glory, Season of Honour. The tides has changed in your favour.

Thank you Blessed Father, in Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!


Father we are grateful unto you for these your children who has come to respond to the “Calling of Salvation”.

Father we asked that the Blood of Jesus will cleanse them; the Blood of Jesus will wash them and Lord you will make them a Partaker and beneficiary of your Glory in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

And Father each and everyone of us in this Program we ask that each of our life will manifest your Glory and the Name of the Lord will be Glorified forever.

Thank you Awesome and Glorious Father, in Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!

Let the people of God say a better Amen – Amen.

Those of you who had come to surrender your life, just turn to your left (the right of the altar to me); there is a man lifting up a Counseling Board, just go with him – God bless you.

Church, let us put your hands together to celebrate the Goodness and Faithfulness of God!


For all these your children, Father thank you (7 times). Please accept our thanks in Jesus Name.

I commit all your children to your Hands, even as they go, please go with them. Everyone of you, particularly those who had stayed behind for the Thanksgiving and those of you doing your own Thanksgiving in your various Churches all over the world; it shall be well with you. The Blessings of this week will last forever. The Miracles of this Congress will never slip out of your hands. The God that I serve who stood by me all through this Congress will stand with you. He will not leave you, He will not forsake you. Your light will continue to shine. Your salt will not lose its Power. You will be Great Ambassadors for Christ. Your Healing Ministries will now begin to blossom. Everything that you touch will prosper. Forever, you will remain the ‘Elect of God”. You will be the Habitation of the Most High.

God will never leave you; He will never forsake you; He will Promote you and He will take you to “Great Heights”.

The Everlasting Arms of God will keep on lifting you up and you will enter into the New Year with Joy and you will spend the New Year with Joy. The Days Ahead of you will be “Days of Glory” and you will serve God till the end.

If the Lord tarries, I will see you in the New Year. If He comes before we meet again; none of you will miss Heaven.

… So shall it be!


All of you including the young and the old; it shall be well with you. All the days of your life: your light will shine, your salt will not turn sour, you will be God’s Ambassadors.

All that you will lay your hands upon will be successful.

Wherever you go, God will go with you. Great things of your life will not scatter. You will be going Higher and Higher. Whatever you are asking from God, even before you ask, He will give it to you. He will answer you by Fire. You will not be tired and you will not be discouraged.

The hands of the enemies will not overpower you, the world will not know your secrets. It shall be well with you till the end.

If Jesus tarries, we will meet Next Year. You will enter the New Year with Joy and you will celebrate the New Year Season in Joy. You will serve God till the very end. Everything you needed to serve God in Truth; God will provide it for you. So shall it be. Your head will not reject prayers. Your own will not be difficult to do.

… So shall it be. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen!

Now let me hear you shout the biggest Hallelujah so far – HALLELUJAH!!!

EDITORIAL NOTE: My oh mine – it has indeed been a great and awesome week spent in the Presence of God during the Holy Ghost Congress 2018 with the theme “GLORY AHEAD”.

… Our Glory is NOW not again Ahead as we are all set to manifest NOW to the Glory of God!

Your highly revered Excellency and “Elect of God” welcome to your Season of GLORY!!!

Thank you so much for trusting us to report in our little way and capacity the Full Text of the different Sessions to your door step.

… A more concise summary of the entire Sessions of the Congress will be available at our Secretariat (WhatsApp or SMS 08023604721).

We have a rich library and Coverage of Pastor E.A Adeboye’s messages¬†in and outside Nigeria all through the Year 2018 as well as in the last three (3) years as God has empowered us to do.

… And in the Coming Year 2019; we are looking forward to serve you much more better and make accessibility to our materials seamless through a robust and user friendly Website to serve as “Resource Center of Materials” to the children of God!


… DISCOVERY MEDIA CREW … Reaching out to the world through the Power of the GOSPEL!!!




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