Rise to your feet, lift up your hands and shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Let me hear you shout Jesus I love you – JESUS I LOVE YOU!


Heavenly Father we thank you. We are grateful to you that you love us. We are not serving strange gods that wipes their subject. We are serving our Father who loves us and gave us its Only begotten Son for us.

We thank you very much for revealing your love even though it was hidden to our ancestors but when the time came; you sent your Words down to Africa and you gave us the Light of the Gospel.

We are so grateful that we know you. Thank you for the Power of the Name of Jesus. Thank you for His death on the Cross. Thank you for the Precious Blood that was spilled.

I now plead the Blood of Jesus over the entire congregation. Let the Blood of Jesus cleanse the entire atmosphere. I scatter the Host of darkness and I restrained the voice of the devil. I command unbelief, Fear, Anxiety, Lies and the lack to be destroyed in the Name of Jesus.

I released the Word of God like Light and Fire to scatter every darkness and to destroy every works of the devil. Let the Word goes forth as an hammer to break the hardness of every hearts. Let it goes out like Fire to destroy every rubies of unbelief and lies of the devil. Let the Word goes out as Light to disperse every darkness and bring light to every heart.

Let captives be set free. Let the Word goes out like thunderbolt to break every chain and to destroy every prison gates.

And I command lift up your heads o ye gates; let the King of Glory comes forth and take Dominion once again.

Thank you Father. In Jesus Name we pray – Amen! Please be seated.

The hand of the Lord is not shortened.


1. Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save; neither His ear heavy that it cannot hear:

2. But your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins have hid His face from you, that He will not hear.

God’s hand is not shortened. By implications, His hands is not weak, is not Powerless to deliver.

When Prayers and Fasting becomes ineffective; it is because something is wrong.

When the Name of Jesus does not come forth with Power again in our lips; it is because something has gone wrong.

God is saying that my hands is not shortened: I am not weak, I am not Powerless to deliver you.

And if you found out that you have a lot of unanswered prayers, your request are not being granted – tragedies upon tragedies; failures upon failures, disappointments upon disappointments, frustrations to the point that you are beginning to consider backsliding.

Please, look inwards and look backwards. There is no problem on God’s side.

Sins and iniquities turns the Blessings of God away and hold back good things from reaching us.

Jeremiah 5:25 says – Your iniquities have turned away these things and your sins have withholden good things from you.

From the text, it means the Blessings of God are turned away from reaching us because of sins and iniquities.

Sins and Iniquities brings affliction, sickness and even death.

Psalms 107:17 says Fool because of their transgression and because of their iniquities are afflicted.

So they become sick. They draw near to the gate of death.

Sins and Iniquities separates us from God according to Isaiah 59 – the hand of the Lord shortened.

… So if you are not getting results; look inwards and look backwards.

Jacob started striving with his brother from the womb according to Genesis 25: 21-25. They started quarreling from the mother’s womb. Their mother had to ask what was wrong and they prayed to God. And God said that there are two (2) Nations in your womb and they are striving and quarrelling – the younger shall rule over the elder.

From the womb; rivalry, striving, resentment and quarrelling started and that continues until they were born.

It was so serious that Jacob broke the “Covenant of Brotherhood” – Proverbs 17:17; A friend loveth at all times and a brother is born for adversity.

In the days of Esau’s adversity when he was dying of hunger. Rather than sharing his food with his brother, he traded it for his birthright. Seed of cruelty in pursuit of the Blessings of Abraham (the Blessings of his father).

Jacob become cruel of his father; took advantage of his blindness.

In Deuteronomy 27:18; the Bible says: Cursed be he that maketh the blind to wander out of the way. And all the people shall say Amen.

In his passion and zeal for the Blessings of the father, he took advantage of his blindness and rob his brother of his blessings and deceived the father – he planted the “Seed of Cruelty”; he planted the “Seed of Deception” and after he had done that, he got the blessings.

And then the father discovered; you can see the anguish of the father as Isaac trembled according to Genesis 27: 15-16 and verses 20-24. The plot was discovered in verse 33 – Isaac trembled tremendously and in verse 34; Esau wept bitterly (a great and exceeding bitter cry).

… Jacob got the Blessings but a seed was planted.

The success and prosperity in the process of sinful living and ungodly scheming is not a sign of “Divine Approval”.

Yes, Jacob succeeded but it was never a sign that it was Divinely Approved.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; whatsoever a man sowed that shall he reap – Galatians 6:7.

And when you come to Matthew 7:12; in the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ: Whatsoever you do to others shall be done to you. This is the Law and the Prophets.

And in Genesis 8:22; the Bible says that as long as the Earth rains; Seed Time and Harvest Time shall not cease.

Deceit of cruelty planted by Jacob began to bear fruits after blossoming; 30 years time, the same cruelty was repeated to his choice son.

In Genesis 37: 18-30; Joseph was conscripted. They wanted to kill him but for the intervention of Reuben (the eldest son). They threw him inside a pit and finally decided to sell him into slavery.

While he pleaded with them; they saw the anguish of his soul. They discarded the “Covenant of Brotherhood” – they sat down and ate while watching him in pains.

Did Jacob not seeing the pains of his brother Esau? When instead of sharing with him in love; he traded the food for his birthright.

Here, the sons of Jacob are doing the worst to Joseph his beloved son.

The “Harvest of Deception” came when they sold Joseph into slavery and they took the choice cloth of Joseph and splashed on it the same blood of a kid and presented it to their father to identify whose coat it was.

Jacob in great pains tore his dress and concluded that Joseph was dead.

The pain which he caused his own father for two (2) years; he carried the pains for twenty (20) years plus before he discovered that it was deception.

What you sow you will reap.

What have you been sowing?

When prayers are not answered and it appears as if God’s hands are weak; look inwards.

It was this same Jacob that has a “Divine Encounter” with God; seeing Angels going up and down. It was this Jacob that God prospered his works and even an Angel taught him how to be prosperous. It was this Jacob that God defended against Laban.

What has now happened that Jacob prayers are now not answered?

Where is the Covenant – I will curse them that curse you; I will bless them that bless you?

Is Jacob dead?

Jacob could not hear from God because it was “Harvest Time” for the seeds he has down – two (2) years of pains caused to his father Isaac, brought him over twenty (20) years of pains caused by the deception of his children.

Joseph was sold to Egypt for thirteen (13) years; he has griefs and afflictions, he was a slave that was put to shame, humiliated, wounded, degraded, dehumanized – a Prince suddenly find himself in slavery.

Yes, it was an Harvest Time for Jacob but it was seeds the brothers were planting. The brothers were born for the “Day of Adversity”. It was extremely cruelty to reduce their brothers to a slave.

In Genesis 41: 39-45; when God remembered His Covenant – “The Covenant of Mercy”; He turned Joseph’s situation around and gave him a Crown in “His Land of Suffering and Affliction”.

God Crowned Joseph and for eight (8) years; he was a Governor and Prime Minister in Egypt.

Genesis 41: 39-45; Egypt could not corrupt him. In verses 51-52; he has two (2) sons and he said hat now God comforted me and made me to forget my family. He forgot his family and never wanted to reunite with them again. He named his children Manasseh and Ephraim – saying God has made me Fruitful in the land of my slavery. But in Exodus 12:40; we saw what happened – Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt was four hundred and thirty (430) years.

In Jeremiah 32:18; we know what the Scriptures says – Thou shewest lovingkindness unto thousands and recompensest the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of their children after them: the Great, the Mighty God, the LORD of Hosts is His Name.

In Exodus 1: 8-14; the seed that the Hebrew boys sow after over one hundred (100) years after they sow their seeds, the Harvest started coming even when the generation had died – their children was alive to receive the Harvest.

Another King who did not know Joseph came up in Egypt and he reduced the Hebrews to slave. They became a Nationality of slaves.

Jeremiah 32:18 says: I am the God that rewards the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of the children.

When they discovered Joseph and came for food; Joseph looked at them and remembered. He wept but instead of taking vengeance he showed them love. He fulfilled Romans 12: 17-21. He rewarded them good for the evil they did to him. He gave them free food, returned their money, treated them nicely and eventually brought them into Egypt to deliver them from being destroyed by famine.

Let me tell you today; if your Prayers are not being answered rather than challenging God, cry to God for Mercy.

While Joseph demanded that they must bring Benjamin or else they won’t get food again. Jacob said: No, I cannot released Benjamin. Have been bereaved of Joseph. Now Simeon is no more and I don’t know if he is alive. You take Benjamin and he goes on to die.

Why is the “Covenant child of God” celebrating tragedies after tragedies. The labour, the seed the wickedness that Jacob did catch up with him after years.

Maybe there is something standing against your life – look back and look inwards.

God has sent me to you today because your “Long Standing Prayers” He will answer you tonight.

Jacob has to choose between dying of hunger or releasing Benjamin to go. Finally, he said: Lord God Almighty show us Mercy. Show us Mercy so that when we go to this man; he will change them to Mercy and he will return both Simeon and Benjamin.

When he cried to God for Mercy; he did not know that he was praying for his own son Joseph.

When they got to the land and finally Joseph uncovered himself to them; they all went to the ground and pleading for their lives.

He said No; though you meant it for evil, but God turned it around for good. Go and tell daddy that am alive.

When Pharaoh heard about it; he sent wagons, goods and said come unto the land and settle and I will give you a Choice part of Egypt. So Jacob moved into Egypt.

So it was the seed that Jacob sowed that brought him into suffering. Now he has entered into Egypt and enjoyed throughout the seventy (70) years that they stayed with Joseph in Egypt.

But after Joseph died and there arose another Pharaoh that knew not Joseph.

But I have a Solution for you tonight; Israel became slaves and for over one hundred (100) years; they suffered until they began to cry to God. God raised a man called Moses who in his own zeal and passion has committed murder while fighting for the Hebrews and he was declared wanted by Pharaoh who wanted to kill him so he ran away.

And after forty (40) years; God returned him to Egypt. There was a death sentence hanging on Moses and here he has come to deliver the slaves – Pharaoh will not agree.

After ten (10) Miracles, Pharaoh was still obstinate and at the tenth (10th) Miracle when Moses declared Total Darkness for three (3) days and it became clear that they must go. And Pharaoh said you cannot go the way you wanted to go. And Moses said that we have to go the way we want to go. Pharaoh looked at him and said: let me not see your face anymore; the next time I see you, you are dead. And Moses said that you have said it very well; I will not see your face anymore but you will see when you will send your people after me and beg me to leave this land. You will drive us out of this land for my God will move through this land and He is going to kill every first born and there is going to be war and trouble. Pharaoh looked at him – do your worst.

God looked at Moses. The accuser of brethren is looking at Moses too – these people that their fathers are wicked, they put Joseph into slavery; then they must suffer the same slavery; they must not go free.

He looked at Moses, this Moses is a murderer and so he must be killed.

That is the job of Satan. Every time that you commits sin, Satan used it as an opportunity to accuse you.

The earlier you get rid of your sin, the better is it for you. If you don’t get rid of your sin, Satan will keep on accusing you.

But something happened. God told Moses that I have a Solution.

… It is the BLOOD.

Sacrifice a lamb, put the blood on the door post. By midnight, I will move through the land. I will judge all the gods of Egypt.

Tonight, God will judge all your enemies – Amen!

But if God is going to judge all your enemies and remove the barriers; then you yourself must escape Judgement.

The Only way to escape Judgment is to come under the Blood.

Listen, for one hundred and thirty (130) years; they are in bondage of slavery. But after the blood that night; Pharaoh broke down because the gods of Egypt crashed and the Gates were opened.

And in concluding that, God sent Jesus Christ; the actual Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world.

For thousands of years, Adam and Eve has been incapacitated. Every Righteous man that died went under the custody of Satan but when Jesus Christ went to the Cross according to Matthew 27:50 – Jesus when he had cried again with a loud voice yielded up the ghost.

So after the Blood was shed, all the Righteous men that lived; there was an earthquake and the graves were opened and the Righteous men came out of the grave and they littered Jerusalem wearing white robes and Jesus Christ Himself rose from the dead.

If the blood of the lamb could release people from Egypt and the Blood of Jesus could open hell and release Adam, Eve and the Righteous men to take them to Paradise; then the Blood of Jesus will release you tonight.

But for the Blood of Jesus to release you; three (3) things you must do:

1. You must not conceal your sins.

2. You must be willing to come under the Blood.

3. You must make a commitment to become a child of the Kingdom.

I don’t know how long you have been praying? It might be the sins of your father added to your own sins.

There is no religion that makes provisions for the forgiveness of sin. It is only JESUS and the Word of God that has provided the Lamb for sacrifice. The Saints only overcame by the Blood of the Lamb.

I want to challenge you tonight; how long will you keep your sins and let the devil block your Blessings? Or will you let go of your sins today and let the Blood of Jesus wipes it out.

If you want to be free from the yokes and bondage of sin: you want to be forgiven, you want to overcome the devil by the Blood of the Lamb, you want to get your Freedom, you want the yokes to be destroyed; then I want to pray for your tonight.

So rise up on your feet and let us pray – everybody.

If you know that tonight, you want to come under the Blood and even the Power of the Blood. You want to be forgiven. You know that Satan has been accusing you, you know that Satan has been condemning you and your conscience has been accusing you. You have fasted and prayed and it has not worked. Or maybe you are not even Born Again, you are not a child of God and you are captive of the devil.

The Good News that I have for you today is that: The Blood that set the Hebrews free in Egypt will set you free tonight.

So you want your Freedom, you want Forgiveness for your sins, you want Redemption, you want your life to Turn Around and you want to be a child of God; why not start coming now. I want to pray for you and I want you to come out very quickly. If you are coming, come quickly as I will count from 1 to 10 and then start praying.

… Mercy will terminate Judgement but Grace will give a level to you that you don’t even expect, it will take you to the Kingdom and make you an Heir of God.

Those of you that are on the way, keep coming but those of you here say: My Lord and my God loud and clear. I cried to you for Mercy, forgive my sin oh God. Forgive the sins of my fathers. Everything that has happened in the past that has brought trouble into my life, everything blocking my prayers, everything causing affliction and death; Father have Mercy on me. Forgive me today. Let the Blood of Jesus wash me clean. I receive forgiveness of my sins. I confess my Faith in Jesus tonight. I believed that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God – He died for my sins and rose from the dead.

Lord Jesus take over my life. Let your Blood wash me clean. I confess that you are my Lord and Saviour today. In the Name of Jesus, by the Blood of Jesus I overcome the devil. Satan pack your loads, get out of my life, get out of my way. Stop blocking my Blessings. By the Blood of Jesus, get out of my way.

Thank you Father for forgiving me. In Jesus Name we pray – Amen!

Place your hands on your head as I pray for you:

Lord Jesus, thank you for going to the Cross for us.

These are the people for whom your Blood was shed; they have been captives for long but today they have come under your Blood. Receive forgiveness for your sins. Receive cleansing by the Blood of Jesus. Satan take your dirty hands off their hands.

I release them from every bondage in the Name of Jesus – bondage of sins, demons, sickness, diseases, failure, poverty, imprisonment; be released in Jesus Name.

I stop the devil from assaulting you from now. Let the Eternal Life rest on you. Father, write their names in the Book of Life. Keep that day that we shall see you in Glory.

… You are forgiven in the Name of Jesus.

Say that I am forgiven, I have Eternal Life, it is over, Satan has lost me as I belong to Jesus.

If you know that you belong to Jesus let me hear you shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah!

Please the Ushers are there with you. Give them your correct information as my Father, Pastor E.A Adeboye will take over praying for you from now. Just make sure that you write the correct information and you will be happy that you come under a “New Management”!!!




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