TEXT: PSALM 24: 7-10


I want to thank Pastor Adeboye, for allowing me to be here tonight. He is the person we know as Daddy GO and Mama GO. Thank you so much, for allowing me to be here.

Specially, I thank my God and Saviour; the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I walked into this place tonight; I heard the Choir. I don’t know; but I heard someone singing. They were singing: “King of Glory”! Did you hear that? And I was thrilled by that.

Because the Topic I was given to speak on tonight is: THE KING OF GLORY!

So, when I found out what they wanted me to speak about, I was so excited. Because the King of Glory is also my Lord and my Saviour. His Name is what? JESUS! His Name is Jesus.

So immediately, this TEXT: PSALM 24: 7-10 came into my mind. So I want to read it to you:

7. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in.

8. Who is this King of Glory? The LORD Strong and Mighty, the LORD Mighty in battle.

9. Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in.

10. Who is this King of Glory? The LORD of Hosts, He is the King of Glory. Selah.

So we have learnt so far, that this King of Glory’s Name is what? Jesus! His Name is what? Jesus! Hallelujah! His Name is Jesus! And He is Strong and Mighty; and Mighty in battle. And that He is the Lord of Hosts!

HOSTS means; All the Heavenly Angels above us. And He is the Commander in Chief of the Hosts of Heaven. That’s Who He is!

Now, I want you also to know this; that the Word of God has said that: If you open the door, He shall in. He is at the door of your hearts tonight; Knocking.

And Revelation 3:20 tells us: “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hears my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

I have a demonstration for you. You know, for years I have prayed to the Lord using John 14:14; which says: “If ye shall ask any thing in my Name, I will do it.”

Do you know that Scripture? “If ye shall ask any thing in my Name, I will do it.” So I have clung to that Scripture, when I pray.

DECREE: Lord, I ask that you make a way for every human that is listening to me (or reading) right now; to hear my voice. Because it is not my voice; but your voice. And you have brought this voice here to give this Message to this people.

An so I speak in the Name of Jesus Christ; the Audio system to work perfectly. Amen!


Ok, so one day the Lord spoke to me and He said this; He said: “When you use my Name, it OPENS the door for me to DO IT!”

Well, that one sentence, kind of put my Faith into a New Dimension. And it is going to do the same for us. And I want to demonstrate it to you. (She brought out three (3) people – 2 men and 1 woman for illustration).

Ok! Let me tell you about it. This man right here (one of the men used for the illustration; in one single file).

The first man on the line represent Jesus. The second man in front of Jesus, the door. The third Person (a Lady); is the person who needs prayer (from the Pastor).

So, this is what is going to happen, when I pray for her (that’s the third person on the line). As I say: in the Name of Jesus; this door (the man in the middle) is going to open (move away) for the Jesus (represented by the first man) to move and DO IT (for the woman).

The Pastor lays hand on the woman on the line and prays for her: I bind the spirit of infirmity from you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Simultaneously; the Pastor who prayed moved out of the way, followed by the man representing the Door. For the man representing Jesus; to move to the woman and heal her.

So who healed this Lady? Jesus! Are you sure? Who healed this Lady? JESUS!!

So what is my responsibility? I am just like you; you are the one who is going to pray for people. Right? You are the one who is going to use the Name of Jesus. Right?

Ok, so I represent you! So watch what happens (the illustrations is repeated) one more time. Ok, thank you (my 3 representatives).

So, did you see what I did? I prayed for the lady who needed prayers – which is what you should do. Did you see that: I just simply STEPPED OUT of the way. Did you notice that? Ok!

So that means that when you Pray, or you speak the Name of Jesus; it is not your RESPONSIBILITY to heal that person. You don’t have any Healing Powers or any Healing Virtue. It is Jesus that has ALL the Powers.

But He does need you! He needs your body. The reason He needs you is because you have feet to walk over there. Right? You have mouth to speak the Words; and when you speak the Words, all you have to do is BOW OUT of the way. And watch the KING OF GLORY come in!

… Thank you wonderful Pastors, for coming out to help demonstrate to the people. God bless you!

I wish I could be closer to you. But I know that is impossible. Am going to tell you a secret; of course it won’t be a secret any more when I tell you.

But I was in Texas; I live in America, Taxas. In my house, the Lord gave me a vision of this place (the Redemption Camp). I have never been here. I repeat; I have never been here. And in the vision, there were blind people that were called to the Front.

… Can I just get closer? I want to get closer somehow. I don’t know, maybe I can’t (due to the Cord Mic). I will just stay right here.

Anyway, there were blind people in the Vision God showed me. Standing on that stage; looking unto this great God. And I saw blind people that were brought forward.

So, if there are blind people here, I want you to come to the front. Am not talking about people that are wearing glasses, and so you want to remove your glasses. Am talking of people that are blind – Only blind people.

Someone will help you; they will bring you to the front. Just come on now to the front.

You know, I was told earlier today that, this Auditorium (3 by 3 Kilometers) can seat ten (10) million people. And that there is another overflow Auditorium that seats four and half (4.5) million people. And if that one fills up, there is a second overflow Auditorium that has one and half (1.5) Million sitting capacity.

Well, I don’t know how much of the overflows are filled. But I can see that this (New Auditorium) is filled.

So if you add all of that together; that is Sixteen (16) Million people could be here in this place at this moment and time: worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ. And you are one of those and I am one of those, that are privileged to see. Can you hear me?

Since the day that God created Adam; I don’t think there has ever being another circumstance like this particular circumstance; where about sixteen (16) million people are gathered together in one place at one time to Praise the Lord.

… You are that are here are breaking History, tonight!

And when we include other people that are watching us /reading worldwide; because they are included in this crowd too. And by the time they are added to this sixteen (16) million or so, that is going in Millions that we have no idea of.

But we are here because of one thing and one Person; and He is the King of Glory. And His Name is what? Jesus!

Would you like to hear what it sounds like when Millions of people say the Name of Jesus at the same time?

Let’s do it – One, JESUS! Let’s say it again, JESUS!! let’s say it for the third (3rd) time, JESUS!!!


Now, how many of you love that Jesus? Show me by waving your hands.

How many of you love Jesus? Ok, I would like you to do one more thing for Him. For Him, close your eyes. You know John 4:24 says: “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth.”

So I don’t want you to be looking at me or someone else. I want you to be looking at Jesus right now. And I would like you to tell Him: “I Love You Jesus”. Can you say that Loud? Let’s do it … One, this is the first time. Say; I Love you Jesus. From your heart, come on let’s say it: I Love You Jesus! Is that the best you can do? I LOVE YOU JESUS. Say is again; I LOVE YOU JESUS. Say it the third (3rd) time: I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!

… I think that was Pleasing to Him. Thank you for that.

Now, I want to go back to the Scriptures that we read (Psalm 24:7-10); and the demonstration that we saw (and read):

If you had a visitor coming to your house; a Visitor – highly special visitor; I bet you will try to clean your house up a little bit. Wouldn’t you? Yes, I know you would.

So, we have the KING JESUS here right now. If you could see in the Spirit; you would see King Jesus here. And He has all the Hosts of Heaven with Him. Because He is, remember we read: He is the King of all the Hosts of Heaven. He is the King of Glory and the Lord of Hosts!

Each one of you has a Door to your life – your heart and your life. You have a door. And Revelation 3:20 says; “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hears my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

Jesus is knocking at the door and He is waiting to come one. So, if you need to tidy up your house (heart and life) a little bit, on the inside of you; this is the time to do it! Tidy up your house and get ready for Him. And if you know there are things in your life that you know will not be pleasing to Him – that He would not like. Then ask Him to forgive you of those things. And Tidy that up! So that when He has the opportunity to come into your house; your house will be ready. Just ask Him; take a couple of minutes here. Just ask the Lord to forgive you for anything that is not pleasing to Him. Because you want Him to come into your house – which is your body and your life. (Close your eyes; talk to Jesus).

Did you get those pasts tidied up?

Now, put the WELCOME SIGN on the door; meaning you are going to welcome Him into your house.

Are there any of you who are sick; having sickness and diseases here tonight or reading? Then stand if you are. Would you please stand up. Just stand up where you are. You don’t have to come forward. Just stand up where you are. If you are sick, you need to be Healed tonight. Because the King of Glory is here.

Stand to your feet, if you are watching or reading this from afar off in any Nation of the world. You stand on your feet too because you are included in this prayer.

… Now, in a moment, I am going to ask the King of Glory to cone into your house.

Those of you that are standing; that need to be Healed tonight; He is going to come into your house. Your house – meaning you (your body, your life). And He is going to Heal you.

For those of you that are seated; you are not sick. Thank God you are not sick. You still have a house, and still have a door. And the King of Glory still wants to come into your house. Because there is something in every single one of our houses; no matter how Spiritual we are or how long we have been walking with God; there are things we need the King of Glory to come in and do Amen – Amen!

Now, am going to do a little bit of Spiritual work here before we ask the King of Glory to come in. Because you know how the Bible says in Act 10:38. It says; “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with Power: who went about doing good, and Healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him.”

So you know, the devil could be putting these oppression on you – sicknesses and diseases. So we are going to deal with that right now.

You say: how presumptuous is that? That’s how presumptuous the Name of Jesus is. Because the Name of Jesus is about every devil that was ever in the whole universe; anywhere! And when the Name of Jesus is spoken, that devil has to bow his knees. Because we are seated together with Jesus Christ in Heavenly Places; far above principalities and powers, mighty and dominion. And that every name that is being named in this world and the world to come. And everything is under our feet.

So when we speak to demons in the Name of Jesus; they must do what we say. We can speak to anything that has a name. Whether the name be diabetes, heart disease, cancer, blindness, deafness. You name it; things that have a name! And those names are subject to the Name of Jesus. That at the Name of Jesus; all of those names MUST BOW. All of those tongues must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

DECREE: So right now, I take authority over the spirit of blindness in this place. And I command you to leave here now, in Jesus Name – Amen!

… You remember when we use His Name, what does it do? It opens the door for Him to do it.

I take authority over the spirit of deafness in this place. And I command you leave in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen!

And I take authority over the spirit of infirmity in this place; that might be bothering you physically now. The spirit of infirmity, I take authority over you now, in the Name of Jesus Christ; I command you to leave this place. And not only this place; but every other places where anybody is listening to or reading this broadcast right now. You are bound from all of those people too. Because of the Name of Jesus.

Hallelujah! Ok. You did your housekeeping, right? I just did mine. Are you ready to go? Right, let us close our eyes again. Close your eyes.

Now, if you are ready for the King of Glory to come in; I would like you to signify that by raising one (1) hand. Just one (1) hand. I would like you to put the other hand on your heart. Meaning; whatever it is inside of you, would you ask the Lord to get rid of it? – Whatever it is.

You know, blind Bartemeus was calling up on Jesus. And Jesus asked him to come! He was obviously a blind man. But Jesus said to him, Come! Asking what would you like for me to do for you.

So Jesus is saying the same thing to you right now. You need to tell Him: What do you want Him to do for you? Tell Him; He is listening to you; worldwide, He is listening to you. What do you want Him to do for you? Tell Him.

PRAYER: Ok, Lord you see all these people have their hands on their hearts already. They have their hands lifted.

… Ok, open your door. Everybody open the door to your life.

Lord, I ask you to flood into every single human being under the sound of my voice (or reading) right now. Flood into them Lord, with the great flood of your Healing; with the great flood of your Mercy. Holy Ghost, come into their bodies and Heal them in every way. Come into their minds and their hearts. Lord, you came to Heal the broken hearted; you came to renew our minds – Flood into every part of their being. You heard their requests Lord; meet their needs according to your Mercy and Love. In the Name of Jesus. Amen!

Now, would you thank Him; would you thank Him: The King of Glory has come into you. Would you thank Him now. Thank Him for Healing your heart. Thank Him for whatever He has done for you. Thank Him/ 5 times. Thank Him from the bottom of your heart. Thank Him/3 times.

Now, would those of you that have had a Healing and you know that Jesus came into your heart and your body, your heart, your mind; would you wave your hands, so the rest of us can see what Jesus has done?

… Well, I see hands waving everywhere.

We need to thank Jesus a lot more than we just did. Let us thank Him for that again. And you know, the other thing I would like you to do please, is to turn to somebody that is near you and tell them what Jesus just did for you. Tell Him, tell her, say: He just Healed my eyes; He just got rid of my turmoil. He just got rid of my diabetes – whatever it is. He just got rid of my crippling condition.

Ok! Try yourself out; whatever you couldn’t do before, try to do it now. If you couldn’t move your legs before, move your legs now. Whatever you couldn’t do before. If you couldn’t see; look around you now. Try it, check yourself and see. Check yourself right now and tell someone what Jesus has done for you. Tell someone! Tell someone near you. Go on. You could talk right now. You got to tell someone. I saw your hands waving; you said Jesus did something for you. Tell someone about it.


Now then, since Jesus has just come into you. King of Glory has just flood right into you and totally change your being; then something different should flow out of you.

How many of you have a tube of Toothpaste at home? A tube of toothpaste; how many of you don’t have a tube of toothpaste at home? Or maybe that is valid question. Ok! A tube of something at home; don’t you? A tube of glue, a tube of hair conditions. You have a tube of something.

You know for sure that whatever is in that tube; that’s the ONLY thing that’s going to come out from that tube. It’s a tube of toothpaste; Toothpaste is the only thing that is going to come out of that tube. Understand? Ok.

So if the King of Glory just come into you; He is filling you with Himself. So what should be coming out of you from now on? Come on, tell me: what should be coming out of you?

… The King of Glory! Somebody have it.

How many of you have the King of Glory inside of you? Raise your hands, if you have the King of Glory. Ok! If you have the King of Glory inside of you, what should be coming out of you?

… The King of Glory! Thank you; the King of Glory is coming out of you.

I think John the Fifteen (15th) Chapter, the Fifth (5th) Verse says: “I am the Vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

I want you to focus on that phrase that says: “he that abides in me, and I in him”.

ABIDES: means, you stay there; you live there.

I live in my house in Texas. You live in your house; don’t you? You live somewhere. That is where you abide. He wants to abide in you. He wants to live in you: Every moment of everyday from now till the rest of your life. He wants to live in you.

So He is living on the inside of you. He is the one that should be flowing out of you. How many of you get that? Wave your hands! Ok.

“… Without me you can do nothing!” But on the other hand; look at it this way: the Vine, which is Jesus. Needs the Branches to bear fruits. So without the branches; Jesus isn’t going to be able to grow fruits. So who are the Branches? You and I.

… So if He is living in us; and we are living in Him: We should be bearing much Fruits from now on.

Listen! Jesus in the Tenth (10th) chapter of Matthew; Jesus calling His Disciples, He said: I give you Power over all the evil spirits; to cast them out!

I want you to listen to this; this is for you, this is for me. He said: I give you Power over all the evil spirits; to cast them out and Heal all manner of sickness and all manner of diseases.

And then He said: I command you “TO GO!” In the 5th, ,6th, 7th verse (of Matthew 10) He said “TO GO”. And in the 8th verse, He said: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.”

Take this Command from your Commander; the King of Glory. Your Commander and my Commander. Freely you received Him tonight, and freely He wants to be able to flow out of you unhindered.

You can do this, Saints; you can do this, Body of Christ. This is our job! How is the world ever going to know that Jesus Christ is Real and Alive? Unless you show forth the King of Glory out of your life.

There is no other way; He has to use us. We are His Body: we are His Nose, we are His mouth. So from this time forward; Let God be GOD, through you!

Be bold, be courageous. And know that when you use His Name: the Door is going to open and the King of Glory is going to come in and do whatever you ask Him to do. Because of THE NAME OF JESUS!

… Permit me to tell you a story; A true life story.

There were Missionaries that came to West Africa in the early nineteen (19) hundreds. And they went to a village there; a man and his wife – they were Missionaries from America. Two (2) Missionaries already died there; trying to preach the Gospel to the native people.

So day by day they were preaching about Jesus Christ to this people. They were preaching about all the Miracles that Jesus did, and all the things that Jesus could do. And they were preaching, and finally they said: It is time for us to challenge the King! There was a king in that particular village, they thought; it is time for us to challenge Him.

This village had a very big Shrine called “Juju House”. Big fetish shrine that people had to pass under it before getting to the village. And that is what they worshipped. I don’t know there; but I know three (3) Generations worshipped it. Worshipping Fetishes!

And so, these Missionaries decided to challenge the worshippers, saying to them: Are you staying with your fetish worship or are you going to accept Jesus we have been telling you about?

And when he issued that challenge to the king, the king answered him this way, he said: You tell us that this Jesus that you preach can heal the sick. You tell us He can make blind eyes see. You tell us that He can heal the lepers and raise the dead.

But we haven’t seen any one of that. We haven’t seen the Power that you say is in this God of yours. We see no demonstration of it! So can we leave the fetish gods of your fathers and their fathers before them, and switch to a New Religion altogether? We are not seeing the Power of this Jesus that you preach.

Well, that shocked the Missionary and his wife. And they began to pray, fast and ask God to demonstrate His Power. They knew He has Power, but He hasn’t demonstrated it.

… Fast and pray; but that is not a bad idea for us. Fast and pray and ask God to provide an opportunity.

And they had a small Missionary School. And the chief had a son that was thirteen (13) years old, that he sent to the Missionary School. Then one morning after that; they were preaching about blind Bartemeus and this son of the king had Cataract so thick, that he was almost a blind child.

And so this young son of the chief said to the Missionary: Do you think that Jesus could make me see? And so the Missionary said “Yes!” If you would be serious before God; get on your knees and pray to God. He will make you see. And he prayed with him; he saw the boy was so fervent in his desire.

He prayed with the boy and asked God to give the boy his sight back. And suddenly the boys opened his eyes. And he could see everything clearly. He jumped up and he ran to his father; who was the king of the village. And said: Father, I can see; I can see. This Jesus has made me see.

Not long after that; the man’s wife died. And he screamed, wondering why the wife had died. So the Missionary and his wife went into the village to see who it was. It was a woman who had being severally ill and then taken her body and thrown unto a thrash dump. It was a naked body lying there; like skeleton, because she had been sick so long. Obviously, she was dead!

And so the Missionary said to them, he said to the husband: Are you sure your wife is dead? He said: Can any of your fetish gods raise your wife? And the husband said: No! Fetish gods can’t do that.

He called the king and the elders of that village; he said: Examine this woman and see; Is she dead yet? They said: She is dead. Well, can any of your fetish gods raise this woman from the dead? Oh, No! Our fetish gods can’t do that.

So the Missionary and his wife knelt by the dead body in the garbage dump and they began fervently praying: Oh Lord, show this people your Power. Demonstrate your Power to them; that you are Real. And that you are Alive, Lord. That you do what you say you will do. And we pray that you raise her from the dead in the Name of Jesus.

… Now, what happens when you pray in the Name of Jesus? It opens the Door for Him to DO IT!

So Jesus came into the woman’s body; she started shaking all over and she was lifted from the ground. Then everybody was screaming and running away. So they prayed, and the woman then sits up and moved around and said: Am hungry, can you get me some food?

… Yes! Let’s Praise the Lord.

So He demonstrated His Power through people just like you and me.

We want the Glory of the King of Glory to flood this Earth that we live on. Right? Don’t you want that? It’s going to take you, it’s going to take everyone of us. It’s going to take the sixteen (16) million that are here (in Camp), plus all the other millions listening, watching and reading; all over the world.

It is going to take all of us making the King of Glory so solidify on the inside of us; dwelling in us to certain extent that the only thing that comes out of us is: The Name of Jesus, the Word of the Living God, the manifesting Power of Jesus Christ through you.

Now, that is an Army that the world cannot stop and cannot deny. Would you volunteer for that Army? Would you raise your hands, say: I volunteer for that Army.

Ok! Let us pray: Say Father; I volunteer for your Army. I thank you for filling me up with the King of Glory. And from this time forward, am going to speak the Name of Jesus with Faith; Not Faith in myself, but Faith that Jesus will cone and DO IT!

Lord, let your Glory be made manifest through my life. Give me boldness Lord, to speak your Word and to testify of what you have done for me. That the Name of Jesus will be lifted up. And all men will be drawn unto Him.

… I hear somebody say: Lord do Miracles through my life.

Ask Him: Lord, do Miracles through my life. Heal people through my life. Make yourself real through me so that when I meet you in Heaven, Lord you will say to me; “Well done! My good and Faithful servant; enter into the Joy of the Lord”.

For you have prayed in the Name of Jesus. Amen and Amen!

Thank you so much.

… DISCOVERY MEDIA CREW … Reaching out to the world through the Power of the Gospel!




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