Day 42 I 50 Days Prayer & Fasting




BIBLE TEXT: John 8:36; 1 Peter 2:24

It is never the will of God for any of His children to be SICK, 3 John 1:2. It is SIN that brought sickness into the world. We need to REPENT and turn to God in our PRAYERS of FAITH to get
out of Sicknesses and Diseases .

On a DAILY BASIS; Brethren are to spend time in Worship, Praises with Thanksgiving. Pray
for Mercy, then on topical issues of Holiness, Obedience, 2020 Prophesies, the Church and Readiness for the Rapture, Peace in our Nation and Peculiar Current and Recurring ISSUES.


1. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me; Bless His Holy Name. Psalms 103:1.

2. Thank God for a New Day and for the Salvation of your soul.

3. Let us Bless the Name of the Lord. Truly; it has been of the LORD’S Mercies that we were not consumed, because of His compassion that has not failed us. Lamentations 3:22; Psalms 34:1.

4. Thank God for His HEALING POWER that is available for His Children, in Jesus Name. Psalms 103:3.

5. Father, please FORGIVE me ALL my sins both known and unknown that have brought this Sickness and Diseases (mention the name of sickness); upon me, in Jesus’ Name.
Psalms 103:3, James 5:15.

6. Father, by Your Mercy, PLEASE take away from me every Inherited Sickness and Diseases, in Jesus’ Name. Exodus 15:26.

7. Father, please DESTROY every yoke of Sickness and Diseases in my life, in Jesus’ Name. Acts 10:38; Isaiah 10:27.

8. LORD JESUS, by Your Resurrection Power, I overcome every Sickness and Diseases unto death upon my life, in Jesus’ Name. John 11:4; Isaiah 28:1.

9. FATHER, please put an END to every form of Sickness and Diseases outbreak in my country (put your country), in Jesus’ Name. Proverbs 23:18.

10. Father, please by your Mighty Hand of Power, TERMINATE every Spirit of Infirmity upon my life, in Jesus’ Name. Luke 13:11-12; John 5:1-9.

11. Father, please HEAL every damage done in my body as a result of Sicknesses
and Diseases, in Jesus’ Name. Jeremiah 17:14.

12. Father, I DECREE: every Arrow of Sickness and Diseases targeted against my country (put your country), Church, Family, etc. GO BACK to your sender, in Jesus’ Name. Psalms 18:14.

13. Father, ARISE and let the Source of the Sickness in my body DRY UP by the FIRE of Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ Name. Psalms 107:20.

14. Let every Germ, Virus, Bacteria and Poison working against my Health be NEUTRALIZED by the BLOOD OF JESUS. Revelation 12:11.

15. Lord by your Mercy, I will ENJOY GOOD HEALTH and DIVINE PROSPERITY all the days of my life, in Jesus’ Name. 3 John 1:2.

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