Day 36 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers




BIBLE TEXT: Genesis 1:26-28.

FAMILY is a Social
Unit of two (2) or more persons related by Blood, Marriage or Adoption. God is the originator of the family.

Enemies are working tirelessly to make sure Families are not at peace with God. Let us ARISE and PRAY for our FAMILIES.

On a DAILY BASIS; Brethren are to spend time in Worship, Praises with Thanksgiving. Pray
for Mercy, then on topical issues of Holiness, Obedience, 2020 Prophesies, the Church and Readiness for the Rapture, Peace in our Nation and Peculiar Current and Recurring ISSUES.


1. Bless the Name of the Lord for the Salvation of your soul.

2. Thank God for the Gift of Life; for it is only the Living that can PRAISE God. Psalms 115:17.

3. Thank God for His daily WATCH over you and your Family. Psalms 121:3-4.

4. Thank God for satisfying your Family with GOOD THINGS. Psalms 103:5.

5. Thank God for Supplying all the Needs of your Family according to His Riches in Glory. Philippians 4:19.

6. Father, by Your MERCY, let Your Spirit of UNITY REIGN in my Family, in Jesus’ NAME. Psalms 133:1-3.

7. Father by your Mercy BREAK every yoke of Disunity and Misunderstanding from my Family, in Jesus’ Name. Isaiah 10:27.

8. Father, by your Mercy don’t let Your Presence Depart from my Family, in Jesus’ Name. Exodus 33:5.

9. Father, by Your Mercy, BREAK every chain of Affliction in my Family, in Jesus’ Name. Nahum 1:9.

10. Father, by Your Mercy DISMANTLE and DESTROY every Generational Satanic Altar inherited both from my Maternal and Paternal sides, in Jesus’ Name. Judges 6:25.

11. Father, by Your Mercy, let POWER to MAKE WEALTH be released to my Family, in Jesus’
Name. Deuteronomy 8:18.

12. Father, by Your Mercy send unusual HELP to me and my Family, in Jesus’ Name.

13. Let us pray that WHEREVER evil will manifest this year, we and our family
members WILL NOT BE THERE, in Jesus’ Name.

14. Father, ARISE and frustrate ANYONE, any POWER that is making life difficult for me and my Family to live, in Jesus’ Name.

15. Father, by Your Mercy, give me and my family members the GRACE to Serve,
Love and Fear You to the end, in Jesus’ Name, Joshua 24:15.

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