DAY 36 I 2019 Fasting & Prayers

FRIDAY 15th Feb 2019
1. Praise and worship and Him for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
2. Father in the name of Jesus I command every spirit of poverty out of my life (Phil 2:10)
3. Father every one under captivity by poverty in the Church we declare him/her free in Jesus’ name. (Jn8:36)
4. Poverty is a reproach, so therefore I say no to poverty in 2019. (Ps110:1-2)
5. Father; bless me with riches and wealth to the Shame of my enemies in 2018. Gen1: 28
6. Father all set your children free from sicknesses and diseases. Isa 49:24-25
7. We come against all the killer diseases of Cancer, High BP, Diabetes, hepatitis and other diseases in our nations this year in Jesus name.
8. Father; Let there be healings for everyone afflicted by any of these diseases in Jesus’ name. Acts 3:3
9. Father; Let the blood of Jesus cleanse us from all sins and diseases.
10. We receive grace afresh to walk in holiness; the way of sound health. Exo 15:26
11. We declare health, comfort and strength to every sick person in the hospitals and hones in Jesus’ name!
12. Let every plague cease in every community, home and nation in Jesus’ name!

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