Day 33 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers




BIBLE TEXT: Psalms 127:3-5.

Children are the heritage from the Lord, and the hope of our future and the home we build.

Child Abuse is any behaviour that
harms a child, which can be physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse as well as neglect and exploitation.

On a DAILY BASIS; Brethren are to spend time in Worship, Praises with Thanksgiving. Pray
for Mercy, then on topical issues of Holiness, Obedience, 2020 Prophesies, the Church and Readiness for the Rapture, Peace in our Nation and Peculiar Current and Recurring ISSUES.


1. Thank God for a New Day and for the Salvation of your soul.

2. Thank God for the gift of life, for it is only the LIVING that can PRAISE God, Psalms 115:17.

3. Thank God for giving you Wonderful Children, James 1:17.

4. Father please destroy every snare the enemies set to trap our Children, in Jesus’ Name. Psalms 124:7.

5. Father please destroy every evil plantation against our Children in Jesus’ Name. Matthew 15:13.

6. Father, please deliver our Children from any form of physical maltreatment in Jesus’ Name.

7. Father, please Arise and Rescue our Children from Sexual Molestation in Jesus’ Name.

8. Father, please Arise and Defend our Children from every form of attack, in Jesus’ Name.

9. Father, please Arise and Defend our Children from Forced Labour, in Jesus’ Name. Joel 3:6.

10. Father, please Arise and Defend our Children from any form of Exploitation in Jesus’ Name.

11. Father, please Bless every Parent so that they can ADEQUATELY take care of their Children, in Jesus’ Name.

12. Father, please Arise and Arrest every Agent of Child Trafficking, in Jesus’ Name. Ezekiel 27:13.

13. Father, please Arise and Arrest every Terrorist that is Recruiting our Children for Terrorism, in Jesus’ Name.

14. Father, please Arise and Rehabilitate every Child that has been Rescued in Jesus’ Name.

  • 15. Father, please Grant all Parents the Grace to TRAIN their Children in Your Own

    Way, in Jesus’ Name. Proverbs 22:6.

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