Day 32 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers

Tuesday 11th February 2020
1. Let us pray we will be found faithful in our daily occupation and business. 2Sam
2. Let us pray that in our business and employment we will serve God in obedience.
1Chro 29:17
3. Let us pray for ourselves that we shall not be found wanting of nothing as
representatives of God in the market place. Job 2:3
4. Let us pray against every form of temptation that may arise to discredit us in the
workplace in Jesus name. Psa 25:19-21
5. Let us pray that we shall remain standing for Jesus in our workplace even when no
one is looking at us. Psa 26:1-4
6. Let us pray that the Lord will use us and our business as a model for the world
because we will not do business as the world is known to do it. Psa 26:9-12
7. Let us pray that He will grant us grace to withstand in the workplace so that we can
see Him in glory. Psa 41:11-12
8. Let us pray to God to give us the character that will make us win souls in the
marketplace. Psa 101:2.
9. Let us pray that we will learn to trust and obey your every
command in our workplaces joyfully. Psa 119:1

10. Let us pray that the Lord will grant to us wisdom, knowledge and
understanding to rule and reign in the marketplaces. Prov 2:6-8
11. Let us pray that Lord will guide our path as we discharge our business with a
heart of integrity. Prov 10:9
12. Father, help us not to be dishonest in our workplace, but guide us
to be an example of good businessmen and women in Jesus name.
Prov 11:3
13. Let us pray that as we show good example in the workplace, we
will influence generations. Prov 20:7
14. Father, give me strength to pray every day for the success of my
business in the name of Jesus.
15. Let us pray that we shall not be greedy of gain and that we will remain content
with our God giving profit. Prov 28:6

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