Day 31 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers

Monday 10th February 2020
1. Let us thank God for the current leaders we have in our nations.
2. Father grant unto our leaders in government supernatural guidance to discharge
their duties in your fear with justice and integrity in Jesus name. Prov 11:3

3. Let us pray that our leaders shall not go in the path of perverseness in Jesus name
Prov 28:6
4. Let us pray that all in the position of authority to serve with good and clear
conscience. 1Pet 3:16
5. Father, help all our leaders to do what is right and acceptable for the progress of
the governed in Jesus name. Prov 21:3
6. Let us pray that our leaders will not be bias in the utilization of resources available
to the nation. 2Cor 8:21
7. Father, let your fear rule and reign in the heart of every leader in
our nation in Jesus name. Joh 14:6
8. Father, show our leaders the way to follow that will bring about development in our
nation in Jesus name. Prov 4:25-27
9. Let us pray for all our armed forces that they perform their duties
with clear conscience so that they may be honourable in the eyes
of the citizenry. Heb 13:18
10. Father, let all our leaders’ dealings be with human face in Jesus name. Luk
11. Father, preserve our leaders as they serve the nation with integrity in Jesus
name. Psa 41:11-12
12. Let us pray that our leaders will allow for honest and godly counsel. Phi 4:8
Father, keep our leaders safe as they go about serving the nation in Jesus name. Isa 26:7

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