DAY 30 I 2019 Fasting & Prayers

SATURDAY 9th Feb 2019
1. Intense praise and worship
2. Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
3. Thank God for being the desire of all Nations, always in control of time and seasons. Hag 2:7
4. Thank God for His sovereign Power to answer all prayers John 14:13-14
5. Pray for protection, strength and perseverance for poor communities who are being pushed further into poverty by the changing climate. Psa72:4
6. Pray for the global church to be bold and speaks out as the voice of God, pray for governments to respond positively.
7. Pray for government that as they respond, they will know the right thing to do towards climate control
8. Pray for the United Nations organs and governments across the world to take the urgent and ambitious action needed. To avoid the hazards of climate change.
9. Pray for divine intervention to slow down climate change and prevent occurrence of natural disasters in nations
10. Pray that our nation through carelessness will not fall on the negative sides of this year prophesies Joel 2: 32

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