Day 20 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers

Thursday 30th Jan 2020
DAY 20: PRAYER FOR MINISTERS OF GOD. TEXT: 1Pet 5:3, 1Tim 2:7, 1:7, Num
3:3 & 6, Exo 40:13 & 15. Every minister of God needs encouragement and support in the place of prayer, we should engage ourselves in this warfare for our ministers by holding our hands throughout the prayer section and cry in unity to God for our ministers.
A minister should lead this section.
1. Father thank you for all the ministers of God in RCCG, all over the world and for your call over them.
2. Father thank you for your mercies towards all the ministers of God in RCCG all over the world. Rom 9:14 &15
3. Father in the name of Jesus, reveal yourself to all ministers in the RCCG all over the world on a daily basis for the divine assignment committed into their hands.
4. Father in the name of Jesus, just as you anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost
and power for the divine assignment, anoint all ministers in RCCG to fulfill their divine assignment. Acts 10:38

5. Father in the name of Jesus, cover all the ministers with the blood of Jesus, and the
fire of the Holy Ghost. Heb 12:29, Rev 12:11.
6. Father in the name of Jesus, make all ministers in the RCCG flames of fire to burn
for you and consume all the distraction that has been planted to obstruct the work
of God in their hands. Psa 104:4, Heb 1:7
7. Father in the name of Jesus makes all minister untouchable to the plan of the wicked
one. Psa 105:15.
8. Father in the name of Jesus, let the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of wisdom and
understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear
of God rest upon all the ministers. Isa 11:2
9. Father in the name of Jesus, put in all ministers the spirit of meekness. Num 12:3,
1Tim 6:11.
10. Father in the name of Jesus, deliver all ministers from satanic flood, weapons
of the wicked, targeted against all ministers. Isa 54:17, Isa 59:19, 2 Tim 4:18
11. Father, renew and refresh, your ministers so that they can run away from
whatsoever would not allow them to discharge their duties and responsibilities, in
Jesus name. Eze 36:27
12. Father, every seed you have not planted into your church uproot in Jesus
name. Matt 15:13.
13. Father, every ungodly power that has penetrated to the position of authority
in the church expose and disgrace them and if they fail to repent, uproot them, in
Jesus name. Matt 7:15
14. Father! Arise and frustrate every power of the enemies frustrating the efforts
of our ministers in Jesus name.
15. Father send help and encourage all your ministers worldwide in Jesus name.

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