Day 14 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers

Friday 24th Jan 2020
DAY 14: PRAYER FOR CHURCH GROWTH, TEXT: Acts 1:8, Psa 86:1, Luke 10:2
The Church of God is a living entity. Where there is no growth, then somebody must have
left-the HOLY SPIRIT
1. Praise and worship our God for Who He is. Isa 44:6
2. Praise and worship our God for the creation power of heavens, the earth and
everything therein. Psa 148:5
3. Let us praise God for His marvelous works on the earth. Psa 40:5
4. Let us thank God for His mercy and goodness in our life and family. Psa 23:6
5. Let us thank God for His goodness and mercy in His Church.
Psa 23:6
6. Father, visit all our parishes having growth challenges and revive them in Jesus
7. Father, we ask for resuscitation of closed down Parishes in all nations of the world
by the power of resurrection of Jesus.
8. When the Apostles dedicated themselves to ministry of prayers and the word, the
Church grew, O Lord, let our ministers have this same mind in the pursuit of church
growth in Jesus name.
9. Father, we need the power of your Holy Spirit more than the days
of Pentecost for effective witnessing. Please send down the power
Acts 1:8
10. Father, raise more labourers for this end time harvest in Jesus
name, Luk 10:2
11. Father, give to our church leaders’ guidance and wisdom for
effective strategies in handling issues of church planting in Jesus name
12. Father, always answer us every time we look up to You in
expectations concerning your church and your people. Acts 1:10, Psa 121:1
13. Father, grant that your ministers the will and grace to work together in
love in order to overcome the enemy of the church. Acts 1:14
14. Arise Oh Lord and let the enemies of church growth be scattered in Jesus
name. Psa 68:1
15. Father disgrace and frustrate every power that will not allow your Church to
fulfill your mandate in Jesus Name. Job 5:12.

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