Day 12 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers

Wednesday 22nd Jan 2020
1. Father we thank you for the great and mighty works that have been wrought over
the years through the preaching of the gospel on all RCCG Altars globally.
2. Father we thank you for answers to our prayers on the altar whenever we call
3. We thank you father, for your promise in the prophesy that “This year, You will 4. We ask for your mercy Oh Lord where we have desecrated your Altar through our
careless, sinful habits. Heb 4;16
5. Father; Many wolves in sheep clothing has crept into the fold, please father expose
them in Jesus name Jud 1:4
6. Expose and dispose as many Hirelings and wolves who are still ministering on your
Altars in RCCG this year. Joh 10;12
7. Father; these are agents of the devil against church growth mandate, please uproot
them and their supporters, no matter how connected they may be.
8. Many members have been injured in one way or the other, Father please heals the
wounds of the wounded among us.
9. Father; some has even left, please bring them back to the fold so that they will not
go astray and fall into strange hands.
10. Father; many are in RCCG for their self gain, with the mission to steal from
the Altar, as You did in Jerusalem, come and sanitize our sanctuary. Joh 2:15
11. Father; let there be manifestations of signs and wonders in our Parishes all
over so that many will believe and be saved.
12. Father; please encourage all our members who have been discouraged
through the activities of the hireling ministers.
13. Father, give such ministers who are stealing from the Altar a second chance
for them to repent of their sins and come to You in penitence
14. Father; because You have promise to answer all our prayers, Please make
RCCG House of Prayers. Inspire us to pray more this year.

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