TEXT: PSALMS 30: 4-5

DATE: 6TH MAY, 2019


Let us lift up our voices and bless His Holy Name. Let’s give Him Glory, let’s give Him Honour, let’s give Him Adoration. Let’s bless the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Ancient of Days, the Unchangeable Changer. Let’s Worship Him, Thank Him for all His love for you in January, thank Him for His love for you in February, bless Him for what He did for you in March, Glorify His Holy Name for what He did for you in April. Thank Him in advance for what He will do in May – Bless His Holy Name. He is Worthy to be Praised, He is Worthy to be Adored, let us worship Him, let us Adore Him, give Him Glory, give Him Honour, give Him Adoration. It is by His Grace that we are still alive today, Thank Him, Thank Him; Thank Him! From the bottom of your heart, worship The Great Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the One who Is, the One who Was and the one who is To Come, The Almighty! Praise His Holy Name (2ce), He is Worthy to be Praise (2ce), Thank You Father, Thank You Almighty, we give You all Glory, we give You all Honour, we give You all Adoration. Thank You (3ce) for ALL You have done for us, blessed be Your Holy Name (2ce).

Thank You Father, in Jesus Mighty Name we have thanked God – Amen!

In families, there are all manners of Storms; Sickness, at times death. There are daughters who should have been married by now but are still single; there are people that have married but they don’t have children.

Let us lift up our voices to the Almighty God and say Father, every storm in every family, put an end to it today. Go ahead and talk to Almighty God: Every storm, whatever it may be the nature; sickness, boundage, poverty, barrenness, lack of suitable suitors, every form of storms in any of our families Lord, let it End today (2x). Prince of Peace, intervene (2ce) in all our families Lord, Put an End to Sorrow, put an end to Sickness, put an end to poverty, please put an end to barrenness, put an end to loneliness, put an end to boundage, put an end to attack from within and from without. Almighty God, STILL every storms in every of our families Lord. STILL every storms, that Your Name might be Glorified.

Thank You my Father, in Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen.

I want you to pray for your family in particular, you know where the shoes are pitching in your family, present your case to God now.

Say Lord God Almighty, today restore everything to normalcy in my family. Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God: Solve every problems that we are facing in my family – help me deal with difficult children; help me deal with enemies within and enemies without; help me deal with Generational Curses. Almighty God, I present my family to You today, intervene (2ce), let everything become absolutely normal. Let there be Peace in my home, Joy in my home, Your Glory in my home, Abundance in my home, Freedom in my home, intervene oh Lord (2ce).

Thank You Father, in Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen.


We bless Your Name oh Lord
And we confess You that You are the Lord


Almighty God we bless Your Name, we thank You for Your Goodness, we thank You for Your Mercy, we thank You for Your Love, please accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name.

We thank You for all You have done for us in January, we thank You for what You did in February, we thank You for what You did in March, we also thank You for what You did in April, now we are thanking You in advance for May, please accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we bring our families before You today; in every areas that the enemy is waging war against our family, please Father, intervene. Drag Sickness out of our homes, drag Death away from our homes, drag Demons away from our homes, both enemies within and without of our families put them to shame. Beginning from now in all our homes, let there be Joy, let there be Peace, let there be Harmony, let there be Abundant. Please Lord, let there be Testimonies.

All our children that are trusting You for the Fruits of the Womb, Father, answer them this Month. Concerning our young ones Lord, God Almighty, this very Year, let the wedding Bells ring. All our children who are students, my Father and my God, give them Wisdom, give them Understanding, let them Excel. Please God Almighty, we pray that today in all our homes, there will be constant shouts of Joy.

I now commit all Your children who are Faithful to You in the Payment of their Tithes and in giving of their Offerings; this Month, release Your Blessings to embarrass them. That kind of Blessings that they will say: Lord this is becoming too much, Father send unto them. Answer our prayers today Lord.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have Prayed – Amen!

Let somebody shout Hallelujah – Hallelujah.

I want you to shake hands with one (1) or two (2) people and say: Good morning, God will bless your family.

God bless you, please you may be seated.

BIBLE TEXT: Psalms 30:4-5

4 Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness.

5 For his anger [endureth but] a moment; in His favour [is] life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy [cometh] in the morning.”

May I start by Prophesying to somebody: You will know no more Sorrow in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Everyday starts from the evening; that is the way God arranged it.

Genesis 1:5 – “And the evening and the morning were the first day.”

Now between any two (2) days, there must be a night in-between.

Genesis 1:8 – “And the evening and the morning were the second day.”

We already have the first day, it starts in the night and ends in the day. Then another night follow and then another day.

So if you are passing through a Night Season, look forward, the day is coming. Every night must lead to a day. There is no night that lasts forever; except for those who go to Hell.

And when there is a day, there is going to be a night before another day.

So if you are in the day time, congratulations, but there cometh a night. God promised that He will be with you in the night time because He said in Isaiah 43:2 – “When thou passest through the waters, I [will be] with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.”

He didn’t say ‘IF’, but He say ‘WHEN’. So we Christians, we need to strengthen ourselves – When everything is going fine, oh Glory be to God but if something suddenly goes wrong, if you suddenly find yourself in the night time, problem right and problem left, forward problem, backwards problem, take courage, the night will soon be over.

But then God has the ability to make your day last for a long time. So if you are in the day time, it is possible for the day to be long before night comes because according to Psalms 90:4 – “For a thousand years in thy sight [are but] as yesterday when it is past, and [as] a watch in the night.”

The bible says for God, a day could be thousand (1,000) years. Which means if you are in the day time now, everything is going on well; no problem – everywhere you turn Success. Before you knock a door, three (3) doors are opening.

God can say let that one continue: for thousand (1,000) years.

As a matter of fact, it is possible that your day now that you are in; Swimming in His Glory, enjoying His Blessings be as cool as when you get to Heaven.

Why? Because in Heaven, there is no night.

So you could just go smoothly from now on till you arrive in Heaven; where according to Revelation 21:25 – “And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.”

When you go into the Scriptures; you will find first, a night and then a day. Then another night then a day.

Take the children of Israel for example, Exodus 12: 30-36. The children of Israel had been in a night season for Four hundred and thirty (430) years (that is a long time to be in a night season).

And then that night God moved – King Pharaoh sent for Moses and said: get out, be free!

And freedom came and by the following morning, they were rejoicing and by the time you get to Exodus 14:5-31, ah, another night came; they got to the Red Sea and they looked behind them and the enemies they thought they had left behind forever came massively.

Brethren, Moses cried unto God and God said, don’t worry yourself, take a look at the enemies you are seeing tonight; by tomorrow morning they will be no more.

… May that be true for all our families in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Now the man who wrote the Bible Text I read to you; David, who said: “weeping may endureth for a night but Joy cometh in the morning”; He had been in the night season before.

When you read 1 Samuel 30: 1-26 – He just returned from an expedition to discovered that while he was gone, the enemies had come and they have taken away his wives and children and the wives and the children of all his followers.

And the Bible said, this Mighty men of Valour; I mean David who was a giant killer and all his followers; they wept until they had no more strength to weep.

It was a terrible night time when men began to weep.

Men don’t normally weep – we weep inside. Occasionally we put on a bold front.

May be we should be weeping a little more when we have course to weep because it reduces blood pressure.

That is why you don’t find too many women suffering from hypertension – When they need to weep, they weep.

But we men, we bottle it up and it begins to create a problem.

The other day, I went to console with somebody and when I saw everybody weeping and I too wept. They now said you are the General Overseer, you are here to console and immediately I told them to leave me alone, after all Jesus also wept!

… The worst tragedy that can happen to a man has to do with the family.

The elders, has a saying; ask them; they will tell you. They have a Proverb that says,l: “when there is no joy in the home, the city is like a wither. If something goes wrong at home, everything will go wrong.

That is why this morning, I join my Faith with yours to say that from now on, in your home there will only JOY.

David came, his wives were gone, his children were gone.

What is man struggling for?

Oh, you see a man building houses upon houses, buying this and that, why is he doing that? He knows that he is going to die. Sooner or latter we are going; he is labouring to leave these things for his children.

And David came and all the children were gone: taken away by the enemies.

Why God? Of course, when that happens to all his children; God will have mercy on the Leader. They don’t want to know that you have a problem. If they have a problem, it is on your headache.

I remember several years ago during one of our Conventions, it rained briefly during the Convention, they blamed me.

What is he supposed to be doing in the Prayer Room? He can’t even control the rain?

They even said it to my face. So I had to say to them, ‘are you not supposed to be assisting me? If my prayers are not enough, what about your own?’

Anytime there is a problem, the Leaders are the problems!

That is why they say that: “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”.

God help you the Majesties – He will help you carry your burdens.

But the Bible says in the midst of the sorrow, David encouraged himself in the Lord.

That is the Main Point I want you to pass across to you today.

Whenever you find yourself in a NIGHT SEASON, turn to the Lord, He will restore you. I say He will restore you – Amen.

He said in John 10:10; “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly.”

It the thief came that they came to steal, kill and destroy, He said: I have come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly.

In Mark 5:35-43; the Bible talks about the man called Jairus. He had just only one daughter and that only daughter lived to be twelve (12) years old and died. You don’t have to be there to know the sorrow of the man.

… In those days in Israel, if you don’t have a son, it’s as if you don’t have a child.

But then he had a daughter and was managing with that daughter and then the devil left everybody with several children and went to the house of somebody who had only one (1) daughter and took that ONLY daughter away. The bible tells us that by the time Jesus got to the house, there was lot of weeping and wailing. But by the time Jesus finished with them, the weeping turned to laughter.

I pray for everyone of you today, whatever that us causing you to weep, my God will take it away in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

In 2 Kings 4:1-7; the Bible tells us of a family heavily in debt. A widow with two (2) sons. They were so poor and heavily in debt that when the creditors came they saw nothing in their house that they could sell for value and decided that they would sell the boys.

The woman ran to the Almighty God, and by the time God finished intervening; not only was she able to pay her debts, the bible said: herself and her sons for the rest of their lives, they lived comfortably.

I Prophesy in the Name that is above every other names; that financial hardship that is tormenting your family would end this month in the Name of Jesus – Amen.

Now, anytime we say God would solve your problems, there would be those who would say that is not Scriptural.

I heard somebody saying that, Jesus didn’t Promise that He would solve your problems. I said no problem; He would take my problems; since you say you like problems, He would take my own and transfer to you who wants it.

How many of you want to be free from all problems? – All DMC MEDIA CREW MEMBERS.

… May that be your portion in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Then in Matthew 15:21-28, the Bible tells us of a woman who came to Jesus Christ. She had a family problem. The problem was that her child was in serious trouble; tormented by the devil.

And you will be amazed the kind of problems that are in the houses of the “Big and Mighty” – where the devil had crashed things.

She came to Jesus Christ and cried and said, I am not the one sick but the devil is tormenting my child. And when a child is in trouble, there can’t be any rest in the home.

I commit all your children into the Hands of the Most High God; every attempt of the enemy to destroy your children shall fail in the Name of Jesus – Amen.


… I will tell just two (2) little Stories and then I close.

I was invited to come and do a Bible study for some High and Mighty in Ikoyi (Lagos, Nigeria). When I arrived, the people who invited me were just coming in. You know big people; they don’t arrive in a hurry.

So they asked me to come and wait in the Living Room of the woman who is the Hostess. When I got in there, I saw five (5) sections of the Living Rooms in Ascending order of Splendour. I looked around and I wanted to preach on: ‘You need a Miracle’. When I saw what I saw, I wanted to change my sermon to: ‘All men Should Praise the Lord’.

Then God spoke to me and said NO, NO, the Lady, more than anybody else is in need of a Miracle.

… You know there are some people who will say they don’t believe in Miracles but they believe when the need comes.

Everyone of you in need of a Miracle today, God will give you one in the Might Name of Jesus – Amen.

I don’t know that this woman had one son and that son was on drugs (heavily on drugs). And when the mother refused to give him money to buy drugs, he threatened and said he will deal with her. When he saw that the mother was travelling abroad, he planted drug in her luggage. So when the woman got to Britain, she was arrested.

Thank God because she was High and Mighty, they used influence to get her free.

But that day as the Almighty God began to talk to the people, the boy gave his life to Jesus Christ and an end came to his problems.

Every problems in your family shall end today in Jesus’ Name – Amen.

Then, I tell you the other Story; that will tell you another kind of storm ragging in some families.

One of my daughters came running to me and said please sir, pray for me: My husband for whom I have four (4) children for decided to packed out of the house and is now living with another woman with five (5) children and none of the children is his own. She said, I did everything I could do – fought to save my marriage but the other woman defeated me.

I said to her that is no problem. We would pray and your husband would come back home and beg you. She said I am not asking him to come and beg me. I am the one that is begging him, I just want him to come back home. I said we would pray. I know of a God who is called the LORD OF HOST (He knows how to fight).

So we prayed a simple prayer and I asked the Almighty God to start a quarrel between the husband of my daughter and the strange woman (quarrel that nobody could settle).

If there is a stranger trying to destroy your family, the Lord Almighty will fight for you – Amen

It was not long after, that a quarrel started between them and the woman with five (5) children said to the husband of my daughter: don’t you know that your head is not correct? You left your wife with four (4) children and you came to live with a woman with five (5) children – and none of the children is yours.

The man said that is true. He packed his loads and came back home, knocked at the door. When the wife opened the door, he prostrated and his wife said just come in; just come in.

In the Name that is above every other names; everything the enemies has stolen away from your family shall be RESTORED in the Mighty Name of Jesus – Amen.

Let me close with this; in Mark 4:35-41, the Bible said Jesus Christ was in a boat with His disciples and was sleeping. The storm came and when the storm could no longer be handled by the Disciples, they woke Him up and said: Master, don’t You care that we perish? And He woke up and said what is the problem? They said it is the storm and immediately He said “PEACE BE STILL”.

Suddenly everything became calm.

The point is this: if Jesus had not been in the boat when the storm came, whom would they wake up to come and “Still” the storm?

Don’t let me deceive you my Beloved, after every other day comes a night. But if Jesus is already in your boat when the storm comes, you will be able to say: Lord, what is going on and He would stand up and say “Peace be Still”.

But if He is not in your boat, when the storm comes, to whom will you run to?


That is why I am appealing to you today, if you have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, come and do so now. You never can tell when the storm would come.

I am going to count from one (1) to seven (7) and before I say seven (7); if you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, come and stand before me here. I will pray for your Salvation and then you would have confidence that if any storm comes; I will be secured.

So I am counting now,

Oh don’t say, I have no enemy, there is nobody that can attack me. You must be joking! There are enemies within and enemies without and they are planning their plans.

Come to Jesus now, He is the Lord of Host. So that when your storm comes; He will be able to help you.

If you are coming, you have to come quickly because we are running out of time. Hurry up, this may be your day of Salvation. Come and give your life to Jesus Christ. He is the Prince of Peace, He is the Only One who can STILL every storm. Hurry up, God bless you, keep coming.

Those of you already in front, talk to Almighty God to have Mercy on me, save my soul. I would serve You for the rest of my life, I would serve You.

For the rest of us; please let us stretch forth our hands towards these people and begin to pray for them that the One who had save our souls would save their own souls also. Please intercede for them for a moment or two.

Those of you who are still on the way, hurry up quickly, I am about to pray for your Salvation now. Hurry up (3ce). God bless you (3ce), you are not late yet, keep coming (3ce).

Thank You Lord, Glory be unto God, in Jesus Mighty Name we Prayed – Amen.


Saviour, I want to thank You, Prince of Peace I want to give You all the Glory and Honour. Thank You for Your Words. Thank You for these people that have come forward to surrender their lives to You. Father please receive them, save their Souls, forgive their Sins, let Your Blood wash them clean. Please write their names in the book if life. Receive them into the family of God and from now on, anytime they call on You, answer them by Fire and let them serve You till the end.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed – Amen.

Those of you in front, I want to rejoice with you. Am Promising you as a Man of God, from now on I will be praying for you. So I am going to need your Names, your Address and your prayer requests and I promise you I will be praying for you.

The Counsellors will be attending to you in a moment but I want you to hold on as you join the rest of us in Prayer.

How many of you believe that Jesus will answer your Prayers today?

Please stand up on your feet and shout hallelujah – Hallelujah.

I want you to lift up your voice to Almighty God and say: Father, Prince of Peace, every storms in my family, let it end today. Go ahead, talk to Almighty God, talk to Him: Prince of Peace, every storms in my family, let it end today.

Thank you so much for staying all through to read.

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