Day 13 I 50 Days Fasting & Prayers

Thursday 23rd Jan 2020
DAY 13: Fulfillment of Prophesies 3: RAPTURE, Text, 1 Thes 4;16
1. Father; we thank you for the hope we have in You through the promise of your
return to take us home. 1 Thes 4;13
2. Father; we thank you for your faithfulness in reminding us from time to time of your
imminent second coming
3. Father; please help our Pastors to be sensitive in the spirit about end time signals
and prepare their members in readiness to meet with the Lord at His coming. 1 Thes
4. There are many (Scoffers) who think Jesus is not coming again 2 Pet 3:3 Father
please give them a repentant heart in Jesus name.
5. Father: Revive us, to be wise children in keeping our lamp burning for you all day
long. Matt 25:4
6. Father; some are wearied, their oil is going out, please revive their fainting heart to
renew their oil in the Holy Ghost before it is too late. Matt 25:5, 8
7. Father; remove the passion for worldliness and destroy the yoke of carnality in the
life of all your children globally . 1 Joh 2:15
8. Father: let your desire of not willing that any should perish, but that all should come
to repentance, inspire more aggressive evangelism for greater soul harvest in all
our churches this year in Jesus name. 2 Pet 3:9
9. Father; break the yoke of ignorance in many, about the timing of the end-time
events and promises. 2 Pet 3:8
10. Father; deliver your children from sleeping the sleep of death concerning the rapture. Psa 13:3

11. Father; by your mercy and grace, deliver us all from the spirit of error, and
spirit of poor finishing that will hinder us from reigning with You 1 Joh 4:6
12. Judas and Peter were among the twelve, they both made mistakes but peter
received mercy. Father; be merciful unto as many of us who hope on your mercy
this year Luk 22:31-32
13. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, Father; instill your fear in our
hearts. Psa 111:10
14. Father Remember your promise to fulfill what you have said that you will meet RCCG standing in faith on your return.

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